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Pioneer DJ reveals two new Serato controllers in DDJ-REV series

Meet the new designs of the DDJ-REV-1 and the DDJ-REV-7

  • Becky Buckle
  • 14 January 2022
Pioneer DJ reveals two new Serato controllers in DDJ-REV series

Pioneer DJ have debuted two Serato controllers the DDJ-REV-1 and the DDJ-REV-7.

The new designs have battle-style DJs in mind by recreating the layout of two turntables and a mixer.

Perfect for DJs that use samples and scratch, the entry-level DDJ-REV-1 is £259 and the DDJ-REV-7 aimed for pro-level is £1829 and available on Pioneer DJ’s website with the full spec.

The 2-channel DDJ-REVI1 includes a mic input and larger jog wheels and a USB input port as well as a single RCA master output.

With a 14-day trial of Serato DJ Pro you are also provided with a Scratch Bank to store audio clips and it has a Tracking Scratch feature.

On the other hand, the DDJ-REV7 includes 7-inch motorized jog wheels with a classic turntable feel due to its similar top plates and adjustable torque.

Both sides have a 3.5-inch job display which shows waveforms and more.

The Serato virtual deck view is also accessible which can display song artwork or your own logo.

The dual USB ports also make it easy to swap with another DJ mid set.

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