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MYRNE shifts tempos with strains of classic house & futuristic trance in new single ‘Carousel’

Out now via Astralwerks, the track features vocal & compositional contributions from singer-songwriter, Catali

  • Waiying Ho
  • 2 May 2023
MYRNE shifts tempos with strains of classic house & futuristic trance in new single ‘Carousel’

Following up a successful US tour full of “bucket list” stops and venues (including Los Angeles’ The Shrine and San Francisco’s Bill Graham Civic Auditorium), Singaporean DJ/producer MYRNE releases ‘Carousel’ via Astralwerks.

With collaborations as his forte, MYRNE employs the angelic voice of singer-songwriter Catali to serenade the classic house strains and futuristic trance sensibilities of the track. Featuring robotic synths and vintage Roland TR-909 drum samples, the track resonates a euphoric, spacious feel, not unlike many of MYRNE’s previous productions yet still distinct in its own way.

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Catali had sent over her vocal idea a year before which inspired MYRNE to work on a sonic arrangement. Afterwards, she reconfigured the track’s blueprint to include a healthy dose of progressive trance — a particular genre that MYRNE is said to have grown up with. However, ‘Carousel’, which dropped on April 28, still holds strong to MYRNE’s love for modern EDM which inspired him to launch a career into music production.

“I love making sample-based music with repetition,” he explains about Catali’s contributions. “Looping vocals was one way I paid homage to that.”

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MYRNE’s sound has truly evolved since emerging with his first EP in 2013. “I’m a lot more confident in my abilities now and I feel I shine best in scaled-back, straight-to-the-point club tunes,” he explains, adding how “I’ve always made very melodic, energetic music, and that’s always been a core of what excites me. It was just a matter of shifting tempos.”

Listen to ‘Carousel’ below.

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