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Mixmag Asia Radio heads to Mexico via Mumbai to listen to Ana Lilia

Fasten your seatbelts, this one packs a bang!

  • Charles Budd
  • 21 October 2020
Mixmag Asia Radio heads to Mexico via Mumbai to listen to Ana Lilia

Most people would think we’re going on a gastronomic adventure when we mention a trip to Mexico via Mumbai. This time, it’s for a serious dose of hedonistic techno courtesy of Ana Lilia.

Originally from Mexico, Ana has made Mumbai her home and probably with a few thanks to her fans and the support she’s received from her presence across India’s house and techno scenes. As the scene was exploding, prior to the COVID-19-induced implosion, Ana was piloting most festival stages across the country including Sunburn, Echoes of the Earth, Inscape, Sula Festival and Vh1 Supersonic amongst plenty others. Her big steps in Mumbai took her across Asia’s finest clubs from Kyo in Kuala Lumpur to The Council in Singapore, and this is all after and in between her tours in Europe where she presented her no-nonsense techno discernment to esteemed dance floors at Sisyphos Berlin, Horst Vienna, DGTL Amsterdam, D! Club in Lausanne, as well as being listed as a resident DJ for festival brand Elrow.

Of recent, Ana’s been drowning herself in nostalgic love for 90’s vibes with that industrial touch, and she’s given us a slight dose of that here, mixed in with a selection of tracks she’s been yearning to play at a club near you. And while not working on her own music, Ana leans closely to other artists in the region for inspiration like India’s Arjun Vagale, Japan’s techno queen Risa Taniguchi and The Council’s head honcho, Catz on Crack.

Featuring tracks from Maxx Rossi, Florian Meindl, Re:Axis, Oscar Mulero and more, tune in below to Mixmag Asia Radio 034 with Ana Lilia.


TWR72 - Crew
Krahm - Submission
Oscar Mulero - No Devotion
Industrialyzer - Project Mantis
Re:Axis - Empty Sky (Original Mix)
Brothers Black - Bloodhound
Momec - Dirty Secret (Original Mix)
Blame The Mono - Crackland
Maxx Rossi - Technophobe (Original Mix)
D. Dan - Switchblade (Descendant)
u.r.trax / P.E.A.R.L. / DIMI / OnScreenActor - Folge Mir
Florian Meindl, Anml Mthr - Mindhunter (Dub Version)
Momec - Zephyr (Original Mix)
Rocko Garoni - Realize (Original Mix)
Hector Oaks - Is Imminent (Somewhen Remix)
Pier - Digital Success (Original Mix)
Hadone - Voiceless
Narciss - Diable Jambe
MRD - Superwoman (Original Mix)

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