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Evaporate gathers top minimal producers from Asia & beyond in new EP

‘[ZFVA001] Various Artists’ celebrates the label’s third anniversary & Asia’s contributions to the minimal house scene

  • Henry Cooper
  • 2 June 2023
Evaporate gathers top minimal producers from Asia & beyond in new EP

Taiwanese label Evaporate’ commemorates its three-year milestone with a debut digital compilation album. Titled ‘[ZFVA001] Various Artists’, it features talented producers from Asia and all across the globe.

In a landscape where few Asian labels focus on deep minimal or rominimal, Evaporate embraces its role as a celebration of Asian culture within the traditionally European sound.

Although the project centres around the rominimal spectrum, each track showcases a distinct style and flair. FF’s ‘Vapor Acid’ takes listeners on an interstellar journey, while Dikka’s ‘Home Turf’ mesmerises with its rolling baselines and stunning depth.

Among the highlights is co-label owner Koliseum’s ‘Somehow’ which boasts some of the most engaging juxtapositions in the genre. Its playful and subtle highs complement the punchy, almost aggressive lows, amounting to a percussion-driven mysterious gem brimming with subtleties.

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Label co-founder Klosing shares how Evaporate aims to embrace more individuals into the Asian minimal music scene; "We made a deliberate decision to invite our international producer friends, many of whom have garnered recognition from notable names like Priku and Raresh, while simultaneously highlighting the talents of Asian producers.”

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“In Taiwan, every genre is important, but there is an emphasis on hard, fast music in the current scene. On the other hand, minimal house is the kind of music you can immerse yourself in for a very long time without growing tired of the DJ’s selection,” he adds.

The label also plans on hosting a series of events across Taipei, commemorating its third year in action. Festivities will culminate in a full-day, multi-venue affair featuring Berlin-based, Korean-Japanese minimal maestro, Red Pig Flower.

Purchase ‘[ZFVA001] Various Artists’ here.

Henry Cooper is an Editorial Intern at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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