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LVRA teases upcoming EP with the powerful, bassy ‘venom (feat. Spent)’

The track’s music video comes as part of the artist’s short film arriving next month

  • Words: Amira Waworuntu | Image: Jeff Hahn
  • 27 February 2023
LVRA teases upcoming EP with the powerful, bassy ‘venom (feat. Spent)’

Released on February 22 via Eastern Margins, LVRA’s new single ‘venom’ sees her pair up with fellow Glasgow-based artist, Spent, for a track that recalls a “particularly eventful night out.”

Accentuating her haunting vocals once again, LVRA’s just-over-three-minute track teems with captivating synthplay and driving drums. Masterfully combined with the bass-heavy composition is Spent’s raw wordplay that adds a gritty flow to the cut.

‘venom’ is said to be inspired by the confidence found while exploring London’s queer club scene.

“‘venom’ is a song that oozes confidence out like green sticky dew, and was written after a particularly eventful night out,” intros LVRA about the track. “For me, going to clubs is a chance to put on all the shit I can’t wear during the day; it’s a place where I’ve seen so much individuality and style, and queer club scene here in London has been where I’ve been able to explore my own queerness — something that I never felt safe enough to do before I came here.”

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The Chinese-Scottish artist adds how “Existing in that community, seeing it in the flesh, it really gives you a whole other level of confidence. And craziness!”

Her upcoming EP, ‘Soft Like Steel’, is set for a March 22 release and will be marked as Eastern Margins’ twelfth release. ‘venom’ is the follow-up to ‘anxiety’, the EP’s first single which has made its rounds on Radio 1 and BBC Introducing, plus has been featured in official playlists by Spotify and Tidal.

Accompanying the single’s release is a music video directed by Oscar McNab who examines LVRA’s perception of beauty. Within it, he creates a “moment of bodily confrontation in a bright and visceral way, reflecting the harsh textures of the track,” he explains.

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In it, we see the central character tearing off a constricting second-skin-like costume, which allows a “kind of gross but beautiful rebirth to take place,” McNab emphasises.

The music video’s visual comes as part of LVRA’s upcoming three-part short film which will also be released on the same day as ‘Soft Like Steel’.

Watch LVRA ‘venom (feat. Spent)’ below and purchase the track here.

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