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Huinali Recordings drops 23-track compilation to celebrate fifth anniversary

‘Greatest Selected Works 2019-2023’ comes with a continuous mix by Javier Marimon that encapsulates the release's overall vibe

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 25 January 2024
Huinali Recordings drops 23-track compilation to celebrate fifth anniversary

Jeju Island-based label Huinali Recordings, a sub-label of Oslated, has released a 23-track compilation titled ‘Greatest Selected Works 2019-2023’.

Founded in 2019, the name "Huinali" is derived from the Korean term "/희나리" or "wet firewood" which evokes a sense of intrigue and depth. The label has carved its niche in the realm of dub techno and dub ambient.

Commemorating its fifth anniversary, Huinali Recordings presents a stellar compilation, gathering its finest singles from an array of album releases spanning the years 2019 to 2023.

“I just wanted to celebrate and share that feeling of honour and pride of myself alongside our artists, partners, and fans,” said Jongmin Lee, founder of Oslated and Huinali Recordings to Mixmag Asia.

Besides featuring cuts from Huinali Recordings, this compilation holds an additional surprise: three bonus tracks previously released exclusively on Oslated.

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“These three producers are the ones I met when Oslated was founded in 2016, and they are the ones who inspired me to establish the label. I thought it would be nice to add those gems to the overall storytelling of the album, and I included them to give fans an additional gift.”

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Jongmin also suggests for an immersive experience that encapsulates the overall vibe of the collection, be sure to check out the Huinali Greatest Selected Works 2019-2023 Continuous Mix crafted by Javier Marimon.

'Greatest Selected Works 2019-2023' by Huinali Recordings is out now; purchase it here and see the tracklist below.


1. Silentwave - Yokohama Sea Bass 横浜 [HNC001]
2. Earthen Sea - Flowing Style [HNL004]
3. Gallery Six - The Sun Reveals [HNL006]
4. Inhmost - Wind Swept [HNL008]
5. The Vision Reels - Aconites (Launaea Immersion) [HNL016]
6. Night Sea - w510 [HNC003]
7. Polygonia - König des Waldes [HNL012]
8. Adhémar - The Name Of Trees [HNL009]
9. Doltz - Rakuyoh [HNL019]
10. Sanjib - Campfire Hypnosis [HNL007]
11. Racco - 0b [HNL001]
12. Segue - We Move Together [HNC002]
13. Daniel[i] - Bathyu (Rambadu Visions) [HNL010]
14. Javier Marimon - Day 57 [HNC003]
15. Moon Patrol - Moxie [HNC002]
16. Vicky Zissou - Ett Hav Av Träd [HNL005]
17. Vâyu - Driven By Remorse [HNL015]
18. Lindamann - Outskirt [HNL017]
19. Zemög - Equal Vibrations (Dub Phasing) [HNL011]
20. Owl - Dark Night Skies [HNL014]
21. Javier Marimon - Interlude (whispered by Daniel[i]) [HNL002]
22. HRNR - Sonitis [HNC001]
23. Ryefield Society - Printed Memory (Zeze Wakamatsu Remix) [HNL018]

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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