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John Digweed unveils packed 25-track compilation

Names involved in the acid house affair include Rodriguez Jr, Bushwacka, Nick Muir and David Morales

  • 21 November 2023
John Digweed unveils packed 25-track compilation

John Digweed has shared his new album, 'Futuro'.

Available via his Bedrock Records, the record is jam-packed with 25 tracks of acid house and beyond, with exclusive contributions from names including Rodriguez Jr, Bushwacka, Marco Bailey, Nick Muir, Captain Mustache and David Morales.

The album has been curated, compiled and mixed by Digweed himself.

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“I am really proud of this latest album, there are so many amazing producers that have delivered some incredible music ranging from ambient to house, breaks, techno and so much more,” Digweed explains.

“I have always strived to deliver mixes that feature a wide range of styles and ‘Futuro’ is a perfect example of this. I hope you will enjoy the journey.”

Opener 'FuturaScent Intro' from Nick Muir and Digweed is an atmospheric affair, before polyrhythmic hits from Carrera and Tavares and synth-soaked euphoria comes into the picture from Davi.

Lead single 'Lectrobee' from Bushwacka is of particular note, as its breakbeat-fuelled rhythms pulsate to keep the forward-thinking 25 cuts moving.

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The release follows Digweed's recent EP, 'Tripchain / Scanalatura' with Frankie Wah and Nick Muir, and comes the year of celebrations of 25 years of his Bedrock imprint which saw a day party at XOYO London last month.

Keeping his momentum going, 'Futuro' by John Digweed is available now. Check it out here.

Niamh Ingram is Mixmag's Weekend Editor, follow her on Twitter

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