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Hekdb’s new VA spotlights talents from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong & Indonesia

The Japanese outfit’s ‘Hekdb Product 001’ features breaks, techno, house, electro and more

  • Henry Cooper
  • 3 April 2024
Hekdb’s new VA spotlights talents from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong & Indonesia

A new compilation by Japanese label Hekdb has been released on March 28, entitled ‘Hekdb Product 001’.

The project showcases artists from Japan, South Korea, Hong Kong and Indonesia, including BUSYBOI, Hideki Ito, K8, Oho, Sinqmin, Saturn and Yukio Nohara.

There’s bouncy house, textbook techno, anxiety-inducing screamers, thought-provoking minimal, old-school electro and more.

The release artwork also has its own story to tell. It showcases the Misaaka Ekatabe shell, commonly found in the Philippines and often washed ashore in warm Asian climates.

Handpicked to align with Hekdb's bold focus on Asian artists, this shell's dynamic form can morph into either a delicate flower or a fierce insect, depending on your perspective, adding a striking allure to the overall aesthetic.

It might sound overdone, but the truth is, there's a slice of satisfaction for every kind of listener in this one.

Although the project might lack a sense of cohesion at times, the tracks are mostly exciting and original enough that after your first full listen there’s a multitude to pick and choose from.

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Our pick is Hideki Ito’s ‘River of Three Crossings’. It’s hard to quantify what this track is, with spacey techno being the root, with relentless breaks every so often taking the reigns before returning to its techno haven.

The two pair together so seamlessly, only amplifying the urgency of each element. It all comes together in the last minute or so when they meet in a cacophony of bliss.

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An honourable mention to the sultry electro from Saturn on the track ‘Voodoo Lounge’; proper nostalgic synths on the track; something that Skatebård would rinse.

Purchase ‘Hekdb Product 001’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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