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Glossy Mistakes reissues celebrated underground compilation from 80s Japan

‘Soft Selection 84 - A Nippon DIY Wave compilation’ is an obscure yet enticing time capsule from the era

  • Henry Cooper
  • 27 March 2024
Glossy Mistakes reissues celebrated underground compilation from 80s Japan

Cherished compilation ‘Soft Selection 84 - A Nippon DIY Wave compilation’ has just been reissued for the first time by Spanish outfit Glossy Mistakes, right on its 40th anniversary.

Originally released on DIY label Soft, the compilation celebrates the 1980s underground Japanese scene and includes nine artists with minimal, ambient, Zolo, synth-pop, house, and much more appearing across 13 tracks.

The release (which is also available on vinyl) acts as a charming time capsule brimming with electric creativity and bizarre ideas that could have just as easily been released last week thanks to the excellent remaster.

Its contributors are influential Japanese artists from the era, including Clä-Sick, La Sellrose Can Can, Linolium, Sume ba Miyako, Pink Label, NAME, Picky Picnic, ReveR and Classic Pearl.

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The project is out-of-this-world in its sonic palette, such as NAME’s track that sounds like it would fit in a vintage video game, or Rever’s track which we guarantee would be one of the strangest you’ve heard in a while; something Aphex Twin would spin whilst on acid.

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Describing the sound of ‘Black Nile’ by the compilation’s original producer and founder Clä-Sick is also quite challenging — all we can say is that it’s great.

Our pick of the bunch has got to be Classic Pearl’s ‘Pearl’. The big booming synths throughout are met with eerie yet calming vocals. Like most of the tracks, you can’t really pinpoint the sound, which only adds to the allure of the cut.

1. Clä-Sick 'Morning in China'
2. La Sellrose Can Can 'Aerobicise'
3. Linolium 'Unit 25'
4. Picky Picnic 'Sume ba Miyako'
5. Pink Label 'Good Luck'
6. NAME 'N.H.K.'
7. Picky Picnic 'Kibo no Asu'
8. ReveR 'Performan'
9. NAME 'Do We All Need Love'
10. Classic Pearl 'Pearl'
11. La Sellrose Can Can 'Happy Morning'
12. Clä-Sick 'Every Night'
13. Clä-Sick 'Black Nile'

Purchase ‘Soft Selection 84 - A Nippon DIY Wave compilation’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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