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Safar Collective unleash uniquely esoteric label compilation, ‘Perceptions I’

The label's first-ever VA is a love letter to India’s left-field subculture

  • Henry Cooper
  • 27 February 2024
Safar Collective unleash uniquely esoteric label compilation, ‘Perceptions I’

Indian left-field label Safar Collective has unleashed their label-debut compilation release, ‘Perceptions I’.

The drop marks Safar Collective’s transition into a more esoteric sound, aiming to showcase and support India’s thriving experimental underground scene.

The project hosts a slew of home-grown talent, including Rafiki, I7HVN, Watashi, Audio Units, Flux Voertex and Shantam, among many other talents.

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‘Perceptions I’ is the culmination of 17 tracks from 19 artists, each with their own unconventional style and sound. The project hits on drum’n’bass to breaks, through to glitch hop and techno, whilst always remaining novel and inventive.

Undoubtedly, the VA has many standouts: Audio Units’ DnB is boldly unique, flux vortex and Shantam’s broken beat is mind-bending, and Bønehead’s contribution hits on threatening acid.

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Watashi’s ‘Decadence’ is probably the most dangerously explosive track. Punchy percussion pounds while menacing synths take over, coupled with eerie, almost ritualistic terrifying vocal play in the high ends. The second half drastically shifts, with production being stripped away before slowly but surely building up again, even more potent than before.

As a palette cleanser, Where you find me’s ‘Harness’ brings a much softer, euphoric and forgiving sound to close out the compilation.

Purchase ‘Perceptions I’ from Safar Collective here.

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