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Expect exciting breaks, disco & house cuts in Future10’s new EP

Cakrawala, Discokid909, Bernardus Fritz & Stef feature on the release by Indonesia’s longest-running collective

  • Henry Cooper
  • 16 February 2024
Expect exciting breaks, disco & house cuts in Future10’s new EP

Indonesian pioneering music collective Future10 announced their latest collab release, ‘FUTURE10 EP VOL. 2’, which is set to drop March 1.

It features an eclectic mix of tracks that epitomise the essence of Jakarta's underground culture, with Cakrawala (Future10 co-founder Hogi Wirjono’s new modular synth-based project), Discokid909, Bernardus Fritz and Stef all contributing to the EP.

Each track offers something different, with in-your-face rhythms, atmospheric moods and undeniable grooves, all of which are laced with Indonesian culture and heritage. The EP aims to bring listeners to Jakarta and experience the sounds they have to offer.

Although each track's genre differs, there is a similar high energy and psychedelic vibe across the EP, curated with different times during a Future10 event in mind. Happier disco house from Discokid909, to Bernardus Fritz and Stef’s dark indie sounds all the way to Cakrawala’s breakbeat banger, the project showcases the wide diversity of Future10 and Jakarta.

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Stef’s contribution ‘Cosmic Soul’ is an incredibly urgent track throughout. The menacing, almost action/thriller ESQ sound is so full-bodied and atmospheric, with small intricacies throughout often being overshadowed by the blaring synths and bass. It sounds downright dangerous and engrosses you throughout the five-minute runtime—one of those tracks you need to hear on a proper PA system in a crowded room to fully appreciate.

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Hogi aka Cakrawala mentions to us: “After 29 years in the scene, Future10 is finally focusing on producing and releasing a lot of music on our own label and other partners; pushing the sounds from our studios to hopefully a wider audience outside of our borders. After producing events and developing brands for so many years, we realise the potential of Indonesian electronic music.”

As the longest-running music collective in Indonesia, after almost three decades shaping the scene, Future10 remains committed to nurturing the emerging and diverse talents that define Jakarta's underground sound.

Pre-order ‘FUTURE10 EP VOL.2’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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