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Experiential creatives unite under The Texture Group

Several Asia-based agencies join in on a collaborative incubation

  • Charles Budd
  • 25 November 2019
Experiential creatives unite under The Texture Group

From building an igloo to running around and setting up festivals in Mauritius, the crafty and energetic team known to Asia and beyond as electrocaine, has recently taken on a business ascension, by partnering with Japan’s Rainbow Disco Club’s co-founder, Carlos Gibbs. The team behind electrocaine also manages Redbox Asia, one of Asia’s crucial booking agencies, who focus primarily on eclectic and alternative artists. Understanding that an expansion was fast at hand, this exciting new cooperative was a perfect amalgamation amongst friends with similar goals.

For over the last decade, electrocaine has grown into an eclectic and infinite platform for art and music, running immersive visual and projection installations such as 360 sound and visual art solutions, while streaming a podcast platform that engages with some the most unique and most interesting musicians around today.

Its sister company, Redbox Asia is an artist booking and events agency that brings in to Asia engaging acts from all over the globe. The creative and booking agency concepts, electrocaine and Redbox respectively, have now both come together under Gibbs’ Texture Group, the collaborative incubation promises to deliver a plethora of experiential and momentous projects across Asia. Each of the three entities have a proven track record of individual strengths, especially when it comes to turning wild ideas into surreal reality.

Where it’s common to hear of mergers amongst major players only, or just as commonly, news about creative spaces and entities struggling or closing, it is exciting to see the creative business world in Asia growing from strong roots in music to new realms in this fast-paced and high-demand age.