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DJ Deep's new book Chaotic Harmony encapsulates 30 years of house music history

The French DJ & producer was an early resident at Laurent Garnier's Wake Up parties at Rex Club

  • Charles Budd
  • 21 September 2021
DJ Deep's new book Chaotic Harmony encapsulates 30 years of house music history

True house heads never fail a nod to the labels that procured, mastered and pressed the cuts that shook dance floors around the world. True house heads take pride in the global culture that stems from its humble roots in Detroit and Chicago. True house heads wear t-shirts branded with their favourite labels.

DJ Deep is a true house head, and after pushing through a 30 year career, he’s decided to archive his love affair with the scene, the music, the artists and of course, the labels, with Chaotic Harmony: A T-Shirt Non Collection by DJ Deep.

A globetrotting producer and DJ with an outstanding discography, DJ Deep started his career as a resident DJ at Laurent Garnier’s legendary Wake Up parties which were held at Paris’ foundational Rex Club. It only got better from there, and from being a fan of some of his favourite labels, Deep aka Cecil, eventually launched his own imprint, Deeply Rooted.

This latest venture that looks back at his stealthy career features the t-shirts he collected over the years, perfectly captured by photographer Emma Le Doyen alongside some a gallery of photos of body movers at an improvised pirate party held in Paris, and published by Pedro Winter for Headbangers Publishing.

It’s a fine collectors item of another collector’s dreams, and holds plenty of nostalgic value from the anecdotes of the tees to the playlists curated by Deep. It’s not supposed to be a biography about him, but rather an ode to an infectious passion for cutting-edge house and electronic music.

There are only 500 first edition copies available in a stylish 170 mm x 210 mm hardback format.

For those in Paris, a launch party will be held at Chappelle 16 / Yoyaku Record Store, and you can expect to see Laurent Garnier and Pedro Winter attending, this Friday, 25 September.

Chaotic Harmony: A T-Shirt Non Collection by DJ Deep sells for Euros 39, and you can pick up here.