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SOS Music announces second compilation of emerging female and female-identifying producers

It features seven boundary-pushing tracks from emerging female and female-identifying talent

  • 19 September 2021
SOS Music announces second compilation of emerging female and female-identifying producers

Los Angeles label SOS - Sisters of Sound - returns with its second compilation since forming in 2020, continuing to push their manifesto of amplifying the most exciting emerging female and female identifying producers in dance music.

On the release, co-founders Maddy Maia and Tottie say: “Volume 2 reflects a feeling of being back on the dancefloor and the breadth of music we love to hear across a night. We continue to celebrate new international female-identifying producers early on in their careers, something we’ve always championed in our DJ sets and radio shows with Worldwide FM and DUBLAB.”

“We’re not restrictive on the direction of sound from the artists, and want to provide an inclusive outlet of creative freedom to let the artists explore themselves”, they add.

‘Feel It’, the first single, was released on September 15 from Aura T-09: a DJ, producer, vocalist and founder of label Eva Records. She describes the track as: “A sensual, ethereal yet grounded love song about being in tune with yourself and with the present moment. It’s about appreciating what you have, and being open to identifying and receiving love"

Upon the full compilation’s release, the release will also feature Baby T (B. Traits), Closet Yi, Hinako Omori, Regularfantasy, Yazzus, and label co-founders Maddy Maia and Tottie.

The full compilation lands on November 12, providing tunes via coloured vinyl, download and streaming services.

Baby T 'Turn On Tune In Drop Out'
Aura T-09 'Feel It'
Maddy Maia feat Tottie 'Spirit'
Regularfantasy 'Believe That'
Closet-Yi 'Sweat Sonic'
Hinako Omori 'Speedwalking'
Yazzus 'Andromeda

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