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Ceekayello debuts art installation powered by global air quality

Hong Kong-based creative agency illuminates at Wonderfruit

  • Charles Budd
  • 16 December 2019
Ceekayello debuts art installation powered by global air quality

Hong Kong-based art-design studio, Ceekayello, launched a functionally unique installation this past weekend at Wonderfruit that is powered by data collected from a global air quality index. The bamboo neon-light installation, called Haiijaii and means “breathe” in Thai, illuminates according to the quality of air purity from a variety of locations from around the world.

Taking its concept from the modern global issue of single usage, the installation is made of recycled materials, in the hopes of giving the materials a ‘second life’, and an infinite level of usage. The creative agency, Ceekayello says, “In this modern single-usage era, we would like to restart the practice of giving a 'second life' to our once-loved items like bamboo woods, commercial neon signs and beach mats. These materials serve as visual stimulation for inspiring cohabitation in the world; the city, the forest and the beach, nourishing them, nourishing us”.

Establishing itself as one of Asia’s biggest and best-curated events, Wonderfruit Festival successfully ran its sixth edition as a 5-day event this past weekend in Pattaya, Thailand, attracting artists and music lovers from all over the region. The festival heavily promotes sustainability, raising awareness through music, art, food and positivity, closely aligning itself to the ethos of Burning Man, and making it the ideal environment for a unique installation like Haiijaii.

[via: The Nation Thailand]
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