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1500 DJs commit to bye bye plastic's eco-friendly pledge

The pledge includes an eco-rider to ban single-use plastics in the DJ booth

  • 12 December 2019
1500 DJs commit to bye bye plastic's eco-friendly pledge

Bye Bye Plastics founder, Vivie-Ann Bakos has convinced 1500 DJs to sign her #PlasticFreeParty pledge which includes an eco-rider to eliminate single-use plastics in the DJ community. Those that have signed include Richie Hawtin, Annie Mac, Honey Dijon, Cassy, Ben Klock and Pete Tong.

Bakos, also known by her Blond:ish moniker, started her sustainable raving movement last year after unveiling the issue of rampant plastic use in nightlife. Earlier this year, Bye Bye Plastics partnered with the International Music Summit for a beach clean up in Ibiza.

Bakos has explained her movement via Resident Advisor: "Change is fuelled by movements. Movements thrive on community, creativity, participation and idealism. The secret ingredient, AKA superpower, we have to add to this mix is music. It's the absolute strongest glue and the strongest human connector. We can't forget that, so let's use it endlessly for good."

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