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An interactive map shows how quickly COVID-19 led to cancellations and closure worldwide

Things escalated fast

  • Rylee Chow
  • 18 March 2020
An interactive map shows how quickly COVID-19 led to cancellations and closure worldwide

2020 is off to quite a start, and definitely not a good start with the world in shambles following the COVID19 outbreak. One after another, some of the world's biggest music festivals like Ultra and Coachella have announced their postponement. Night clubs are in a slump as a result of travel bans and the cancellation of events following a ban public gatherings by governments around the world. While the world is keeping track of the statistics of confirmed cases every day, a music manager from Shazam, Stephen Titmus, built an interactive map to show just how the pandemic attacked the electronic music scene as far as event and festival cancellations as well as clubs closures.

On the image above, every dot is a venue or festival closure or cancellation, and most dots are aggregated around Italy as they are under a country-wide lockdown. A majority of clubs, venues and festivals that have been cancelled or postponed are included on the map. In the map below, hit play, and you will see how the crisis has wrecked the music scene. If the map isn't clear enough, you can see the graph showing the rate of events and club closures and cancellations beginning in February below. Click here to check out the map.

In the graph below, it shows the rate of closure and cancellations. It’s obvious just how quickly it ballooned. The x-axis represents time and the y-axis represents the number of venues.

Although across most of Asia nearly everything over the next month or more has been cancelled, Mixmag Asia has been compiling a ground report with festivals and events cancelled in Asia. This article is updated regularly, and we hope our friends and families at clubs and festivals all around Asia and beyond stay safe and bounce back quickly. Check out the ground report here.

[Via RA]

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