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15 aesthetically pleasing DJ booths from across Asia

From spaceship-like decks to sustainable havens for livestreaming — we’ve got one for every genre and audiophile in the region.

  • Miki Kitasako
  • 8 March 2023

A DJ booth is quite the highlight for both beat purveyors and partygoers. It provides the DJ a space to curate their craft with a million distractions during a set and it also provides a frame to which nightcrawlers can focus their ears and eyes towards the pinnacle of their night.

Every club, bar, record store and even country has different focuses towards what is needed to make a booth stand out. Different genres also generate different vibes and going into a space that might not be your cuppa tea in an auditory sense may kill that overall mood.

So we hopped around Asia and came across a number of appealing DJ booths that have been crafted to the T based on certain needs and acoustics of the spaces.

Whether searching for your next dancing destination or the next venue where you’d like to lay down a few tracks at, this list could be for you. Mixmag Asia speaks to the venues and creators behind these inspiring setups from Bali, Ulaanbaatar, Taipei, Tokyo, Ho Chi Minh City, Bandung and more.

Bali, Indonesia

A literal underground spot tucked under a strip mall in Bali gives partygoers a raw, dark and different feel outside of the platter of clubs the Island of the Gods serves. For those who are heading out on Friday nights, Vault will greet you with house and techno sounds, whereas on Saturday, you’re looking at hip hop with a splash of other vibes coming from their Void Acoustics speakers. The club also opens till late, so if you’re looking for an afters you know where it's at.

"At Vault, music is everything. It is the whole reason the venue exists. We wanted to create a DJ booth that is not only almost central in the space but also has all the best visuals and lights directly above and around it, so everyone's focus is on the most important person in the room — the DJ.

Our custom-made 360 transparent LED screen placed above the DJ booth has become our identity. The size of the screen is 2500 x 1500 mm and it surrounds the DJ booth for a fully immersive experience brought by our signature visuals.

There have been many special moments in our DJ booth, but the most memorable for us was when Answer Code Request from Berghain came to play. He started off with an extended beatless intro that sonically put everyone into a trance, literally! It's like watching him put out a giant hand across the dancefloor for what felt like 6 to 7 minutes until he had every single person in his palm and then he let loose. It was truly something to behold. The energy and the way he brought the room together and held it was just pure, unadulterated magic."

Taipei, Taiwan

KOR in Taipei is the space for those who intend to spend a classy and sophisticated night out. The cocktail bar sits in the city’s entertainment district and boasts a 100% EDM-free space. It is also the only venue in Asia that has been awarded the iF Design Award for its gold-spangled interior and chrome Void Acoustics that seeds out hip hop, funk and soul.

"KOR is first and foremost a cocktail bar. As such, it's designed to accentuate and draw your attention to the centrepiece of the venue — our majestic bar. Further, to be truly successful, we want our customers to feel a sense of community and family that's empowered via conversation. Thus, we tune our speakers & acoustic walls to ensure that customers won't need to yell or strain to talk to one another, even on the busiest of weekend nights. Consequently, our DJ booth isn't cordoned off on a pedestal or set off to the side. Instead, it’s situated in the middle of the venue, amongst our customers, where the DJ joins our community through their special type of 'conversation'.

Gold, gold, gold! To match KOR's design aesthetic, we went to Matt Edgar at Pineapple Audio in the US, who fitted our DJ booth with Void Acoustic's Air Vantage monitors sporting a custom gold chrome finish. Their bold good looks are backed by a max output of 132db at 500W with sonic accuracy that satisfies the most discerning of audiophiles. They are connected to the system via a limited gold edition Pioneer DJM-S9 mixer with customised Innofader.

We've been blessed to have had an MVP (James Harden, when he played for the Houston Rockets) and world champion (Kyle Kuzma, when he played for the LA Lakers) spin a few tunes for us when they visited!"


A brand in the Asian region that needs almost no introduction, Zouk has been one of Singapore’s oldest prime nightclub venues to date. With a massive repertoire of different artists of all genres that have played behind its decks, the club as a whole has pockets of smaller venues within its home ground for different audiences, it even has an omakase sushi bar. For those who have yet to visit the Zouk post-pandemic, its newly renovated space is definitely a treat. Here's what Zouk Group CEO, Andrew Li, has to say about the venue's DJ booth.

"The main focus is the placement of the DJ console in terms of the height and distance to the crowd, so the DJs can feel the vibe & energy of the dance floor and react accordingly. This brings a connection and synergy between the dance floor and DJ.

The booth was designed to provide the absolute best experience for both the DJ who is playing and the crowd that’s dancing. This goes for sound quality, booth placement, visibility and of course visual effects. We want to provide both an audio and visual experience like no other.

Special or crazy moments from the booth? Too many to mention! On any given night you can find our residents and guest international DJs spinning up a storm. There are times where DJs get up on the top of the booth and also occasions when other staff and friends frequent the booth to dance along with the DJ – it’s really just one big tribe on a vibe."

Hong Kong

Looking like “a spaceship that landed on the dance floor” in the middle of Hong Kong’s entertainment streets, Lan Kwai Fong, Cassio’s revamp took the space through a vintage spin. A nightclub, bar or even a space to wind down after work over tapas and drinks, Cassio’s cutting-edge musical programming will be sure to provide hours of dancing to from house, r'n'b, disco, 80s to tech house.

"In early 2021, we were in the process of giving Cassio a facelift and we wanted to do something special for the DJ booth. In collaboration with Daft Punk’s creative director Cedric Hervet from Hervet Manufacturier and their long-term involvement with Daft Punk who is still a huge inspiration, the design was conceptualised and made a reality. Further inspiration was gained through the idea of having a warm sound and an intimate setting with a central location of the DJ booth to ensure a real presence amongst the partygoers.

The booth was designed with inbuilt turntables, monitors recessed into the ceiling and a central base bin concreted into the floor below to avoid vibration. We decided to use the classic analogue rotary mixer combined with four CDJs and the two technics turntables. The DJ booth is central to the room and the sound was designed around this specific location to ensure all areas have perfectly balanced immaculate sound.

Originally, (pre-covid) the DJ booth did not have any doors or barriers for guests, it’s often the case that it’s full behind there with people dancing and having a good time. How much fun they’re having, well…. there are some stories better left untold and left up to the imagination."

Tokyo, Japan
Ginza Music Bar

We spoke to Shinichi Osawa on his vinyl bar in Tokyo that he co-founded with Nobuhiro Toriba which features over 3000 handpicked treasures ranging from techno, minimal, disco, new wave, rock, jazz, soul, hip hop and more. Ginza Music Bar has also hosted many well-known DJs over the years and to those who have a knack for vinyl soundtracking your night with a cocktail in hand, you know where you should head. If you’re there on a lucky night, you could also catch Osawa himself behind the decks.

"Basically, Ginza Music Bar is all about playing on vinyl records, so the first thing we defined was that what’s really needed for a place like this is a music selector, not a DJ. And above all, the main theme is not to make a stereotypical bar or club that separates music by genre.

We chose a classic Garrard turntable unit and an Allen and Heath mixer. It's best matched with a McIntosh amp and vintage Tannoy speakers. We also installed a subwoofer system as proof that we are not just being nostalgic. This gives the space a whole new way to hear 1930s jazz, while at the same time providing subsonic enjoyment of modern electronic music.

The music and sound has been so intoxicating that some enthusiastic patrons even expressed a desire to recreate the bar in their own cities. In fact, Kanazawa Music Bar in Kanazawa and Tokyo Music Bar in Mexico City were opened under our supervision.

The music selection never falls into a routine, but always requires a challenge, and sometimes the bar can turn into a dance floor in an instant, creating a magical chemical reaction that simply doesn’t happen in ordinary clubs."

Bandung, Indonesia
Peels Records & Bar

Nestled in Bandung, Indonesia, Peels Records & Bar brings together a retro design feel alongside its original Dutch colonial heritage aesthetics. This record store, sound room and cocktail bar boast a DJ booth that speaks towards the building itself and it’s also the perfect space crate digging while dancing to disco, jazz, funk, boogie and even specific Indonesian records of city pop, AOR and boogie. With that being said, they have also just opened their second outlet on the Island of the Gods.

"When it came to responding to the heritage building along with the 1950s-1970s themed interior, it was a bit tricky when we planned to execute. What made it difficult was also the regulation from the government itself. So the idea came from the building first; how to respond to and choose all of the elements in the building. Afterwards, we came up with the idea for the interior.

For the DJ booth design, we wanted to do something different with the CDJs and turntables, which is to allow the DJ to have more access and have an easier experience to play. As for the acoustics, we worked with our friend who has a professional background in studio acoustics — it’s important to escalate the acoustics! The composition itself is a combination of amplifiers, power, stabilizers, cables, and speakers as a whole experience.

We try to not separate the CDJs — it’s a bit of a weird experience for DJs who would be playing for the first time at our place, but I think they’ll get used to it because of it. Maybe? Haha! We tried not to create any boundaries at the DJ booth, there’s no levelling and the DJ can also have conversations with the audience — it feels more intimate.

There have been a lot of crazy moments (around this DJ booth), but the one I remember most was the one time a guy was stage diving. At some point, the crowd threw him outside the bar and later that night he ended up sleeping there.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam

Adorned with futuristic notes that take inspiration from Japan, Kasho sits in the heart of Ho Chi Minh City which has been a hotspot for affluent nightcrawlers. Expect to experience a glamorous version of what you may have seen since 2017, as they have revamped and refurbished the space since June 2020 with a mission to “nurture the EDM music culture in Vietnam.”

"Our team is passionate about creating a unique space that facilitates connection and collaboration. So the purpose of this DJ booth is to become the home for all your international and local favourite artists and musicians – the soul for community parties that love hip hop, trap, bass, techno, trance, etc. And in a world that seems to be more divided than ever, it's important to find ways to bring people together.

For us, that means bringing artists closer to music lovers and making the community as a whole more connected. That’s why our LED visual screen and dancefloor are connected with the DJ booth instead of being separated. With this innovative setup, artists can interact directly with fans and create an unforgettable music experience.

We focused on the meaning expressed through colours and designs. The main concept is futuristic. When you walk into Kasho, you'll immediately notice that we're not like any other club you've been to before. Our LED visual screen and dancefloor are connected with the DJ booth instead of being separated, which creates a more immersive experience. Speaking of the DJ booth, it's been designed with curves instead of the traditional rectangular shape. This gives the whole club a more futuristic feel. But that's not all!

We've also installed a Void Acoustics system, which allows us to provide crystal-clear sound without any distortion. Plus, it blends seamlessly with its surroundings, so you won't even know it's there! The Void Acoustics system includes Void Air Motion speakers, Stasys X Air and Airten V2, Air 8 and Venu 212 V2 subwoofers, powered by a Bias Q2 amplifier. Our core value is connecting people and bringing a dynamic playground. That's why we choose to use Void which owns the slogan “Hear. Feel Connect”. The brand has also been chosen by Tresor Berlin — the super club for international music events.

To share a mad moment behind the booth — the idea behind Boiler Room Worldwide is to bring together different communities in one space. That's why during the Gãy Collective x Boiler Room event at Kasho, the DJ Booth was pulled to the middle of the room so that fans were able to stand and dance around their favourite DJs and artists. This is also the exact signature concept of Boiler Room Worldwide.

All participants had an opportunity at being seen by artists while they performed right next to them — no matter who you are and where you come from. It really does feel like this collaboration between many people from around the city has led them into an immersive art experience unlike any other event you'll find anywhere else."

Bali, Indonesia
Headstream by Desa Potato Head

An extension of the infamous Potato Head Beach Club in Bali is the multidisciplinary sustainable haven, Desa Potato Head — and an arm of Desa Potato Head is Headstream. This space includes a beautifully crafted record store and studio space that looks to unearth new talents, thinkers, creatives and connect local talents towards a global stage. You’ll be able to catch them streaming daily from 7am-7pm (GMT+8) here.

"The idea behind Headstream is being able to enjoy the best of the Potato Head way of life wherever you are in the world whether it is through music, lifestyle shows or interviews with innovative creatives. We built this DJ booth during the pandemic in 2020. Without people being able to visit the Desa physically, the original intention was being able to bring the Desa, and by extension, Bali to people.

During the pandemic, it was also quite special being able to support the work that creatives were developing during their time in isolation. We were able to have insightful cultural discussions remotely with local food magazines, talk about niche musical genres, and simply have a space where we were able to feel like we were still engaging and growing in the creative world.

The DJ booth was designed by Bali-based architect, Zhi Xiong Chan, and was made using more than 550kg of recycled plastic. A combination of mineral water caps and motor oil bottles make up the shell of the booth, the panels for which were created in-house. Perhaps what makes the DJ booth special is the community effort that was needed to bring the project together. All of the plastic that was used to make the space was collected through community clean-up initiatives during the pandemic and it feels very special for this to be a space and initiative that is also for the community.

A really special moment for us happened quite recently. Every month, we run an event called Headonism, a weekend of sustainable indulgence. For this event, we typically invite creatives from around the world to the Desa and they’ll pop into Headstream and play sets and hang out.

On one occasion during the weekend, we figured out that we had someone from each continent hanging out at Headstream. Since the DJ booth was built during the pandemic and it was about bringing the Potato Head to the world, it felt really special that suddenly the world was at Potato Head, and it felt like we were back and finally beginning to recover after the pandemic."


Created by Singaporean music collectives Darker than Wax and Ice Cream Sundays, Offtrack is a music bar and restaurant that artists, culture enthusiasts and creatives frequent. As both teams come from music-centric backgrounds, expect diverse music programming from local and regional artists that will be curating tunes not found in your a-typical nightclub. With a rotating pan-Asian menu, classic cocktails and an intimate listening experience, this social space is the perfect location to feed your soul. Dean Chew fills us in.

"Offtrack is housed in a typical long shophouse space, so it was a practical decision to position the console at the centre of the shophouse, with two vintage Klipsch La Scalas flanking the opposite corners of the space. I wanted the console to specifically anchor the main dining space, which has been designed to feel like you are entering a casual and intimate living room.

The console is clad with the same stained plywood panelling as the main space, so it blends in rather nicely with its immediate context and doesn’t impose itself too much on the guests. Additionally, the walls are also lined up with acoustics pegboards, which keep the sound extremely tight in the space.

As an architect, I am always very sensitive to the ergonomics and comfort of using a particular interface. So with this console, I took extra care in designing every little detail and nook around the booth - the turntables, CDJS, mixer and all other ancillary equipment have their own niches. Loose cables are also neatly concealed, which allows for a totally seamless experience.

I also incorporated two circular cutouts with concealed LED lighting in front of the plywood panelling and as a result, you get this subtle warm glow of light that creeps out of the cut-outs, enhancing the diners’ experience.

I remember during the early days when we just opened, there were a few parties that got a bit too wayward, and people were standing on the chairs right next to the console with drinks in their hands, and that got me super nervous hahaha. It was all in good fun of course, but obviously, all I was worrying about is someone potentially spilling their drinks all over the console and equipment, haha!"

Hội An, Vietnam
Maji Ka

Curated by Hanoi-based collective Studio Adventure, Maji Ka is their newest project born from an aim to tackle the plastic population while being a dedicated space to music, art and visual performances and events. The venue looks to integrate itself towards being a solid contender in Vietnam by pushing regional and international residencies that focus on electronic music.

"Opening straight onto the sea, Maji Ka‘s wooden stage merges with Hoi An’s famous An Bang beach. Regional and international artists are invited to play with sand directly under their feet. The DJ booth, as well as most of the bar, is made out of recycled plastic panels created specially in Vietnam. The recycling process breaks down plastic waste into a vibrant, speckled pattern.

The dance floor is powered by a state-of-the-art L-Acoustics sound system. Behind the booth, 3 circular windows offer a magnificent view on the shades of natural blue and create an ever-changing atmosphere throughout the day. At night, visual mapping on these windows connect the dance floor to the outdoor area, allowing people to enjoy the stage from both spaces.

Entirely made from golden and silver recycled plastic, Maji Ka’s booth aims to integrate itself organically into a fully sand-covered space — as an indoor extension of the beach. The three circular windows behind the booth offer a singular framed view of the always-moving sea landscape. Specific mapping installation will transform the space into a two-sided box, that can be enjoyed from inside and outside, creating a new space that goes from the bar to the beach.

At Studio Adventure’s An Bang Festival in July 2022, the booth was taken over by Tiny Giant and Yohei Yama for a graceful two-hour unplanned jam. It became a very special moment of improvisation and music experimentation, revealing a unique connection and understanding between the 3 artists and their creative universe.

Quickly after it started, German visual artist Sooma Vision decided to join them and created a spontaneous live visual piece following the jam. The whole performance reunited four artists for a two-hour ambient journey, connecting together and with the space in perfect harmony to deliver a unique moment to the crowd."

Manila, Philippines

In the bustling streets of a popular nightlife hub in Poblacion resides one of ‘Asia’s 50 Best Bars in 2021’ – OTO. Taking its name from the Japanese word for ‘sound’, this bar will be serving you a night of vinyl galore from Manila’s finest, along with some cocktails, food and even coffee.

"The way we built the DJ booth ties into how we designed the whole space for OTO. The striped design of the booth structure and the bar walls was inspired by the grooves of a vinyl record, as well as representing the spaces between sound and silence. The slatted ceiling also helps to diffuse sound and improve acoustics throughout the space. The record shelf and DJ booth are designed the same way to achieve symmetry in each framing. We also designed a bench space for the performers that also acts as record storage.

We utilize a mix of vintage and modern technology. It is quite minimal and efficient, the space being just enough for two sl1200s turntables, two CDJs and a four-channel mixer. We use vintage JBL horn-type speakers that were used for auditoriums in the 70s. We’re also using a pair of Altec Lansing speakers that were originally used in cinemas. We tapped a few local audio specialists to create the crossovers to make sure the system sounds right for our space.

When we opened, we initially used a tube amplifier to power up the entire system but found this to be too inefficient and unpredictable. So we moved to a standard solid-state power amplifier instead.

So we usually get a fair amount of regulars hanging out behind the booth - browsing our vinyl collection, sharing gossip, taking a breather from the busy bar floor.

This one time a couple of fairly inebriated customers tried pushing their way in the booth, attempting to hit on one of the hang-outers. One of them slipped and caught on the left speaker horn, sending the whole speaker crashing down! We panicked because the horn pretty much broke into pieces. We had no music for a couple of days as we scrambled to find a replacement.

Luckily, our audio engineer/supplier who crafted our horn had a spare unit that's just lying around but it was of a different colour- that’s why the left horn is now orange. Originally it was a temporary solution because we wanted the horn to be black again, but it sounded so good (even better than before!) that we decided to keep it. Suffice to say, we’re not letting anyone hang out in the back booth anymore!

Another one of our favourite stories happened during the early days of OTO. Poblacion wasn't as bustling as it is now, so every so often we would receive noise complaints from residents around the area. On one particular night, we had one of our good friends and an amazing Filipino DJ in his own right, Erick Ong, on the deck. He was playing an eclectic set that moved towards dark techno at around 2am.

A few complaints came in from the apartments above our space, but at that time it was impossible to calm the crowd and music! A complainant went down and looked for our manager, so one of our owners went over to speak with him. He apologized and invited the complainant over for a drink. The man saw the party and heard the music, then soon forgot about his complaint and started dancing! They’re still good friends up to this day and the dude still comes over once in a while, even after moving away from Manila."

Bangkok, Thailand
The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon

A nod to Hollywood in the 80s, The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon stands tall as the brand’s flagship location in Asia and is also where the rooftop bar, Sky Beach sits. Glamorously stationed as the city’s highest rooftop bar, expect an amazing 360-degree view that overlooks the hustle and bustle of Bangkok while sipping on cocktails with infectious beats. Tucked a fair few floors below the staggering Sky Beach, is The Parlor, a decadent lounge that boats The Sounds Studio."

"The Sounds Studio is the beating heart of The Standard, Bangkok Mahanakhon’s musical programming set within the 4th floor’s The Parlor and the home to our lockdown project — it's a recording booth, a performance pod and a living magazine. The Sounds Studio is a broadcasting recording venue that with the opening of a window can act as a public stage for hotel guests and beyond.

Our Sounds Studio consists of special specifications from the Mixer Alpha Recording System 9100 & Tannoy Autograph Mini Monitor. Also, the open window we’ve installed helps the guests and DJ to interact throughout the night.

During the opening, we did a livestream to a very well-known online radio channel in a neighbouring country. We also welcomed various local and regional talents spinning great beats from day to night."

Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia
Zü Club

One of the more notable clubs situated in downtown Ulaanbaatar is Zü Club, the venue boasts two rooms with its own dedicated musical genres of hip hop in Zü Club and electronic music in ISOroom. The nightclub features German-based Madrix Maxx light system along with its perfect acoustics from Void Acoustics that set a new standard in the city’s growing nightlife scene.

"Starting from behind the DJ booth itself, we have two full-sized sofas (fitting eight people each) in front of a wall fitted with two HQ projectors, adding more comfort for the artists and their friends. In front is our beloved full-concrete (anti-vibration) DJ booth. Placement-wise, it directly relates to the organisation of the whole space. Both sides of the booth are the main pillars of the building — we also pay attention to the thickness of the facing wall in regard to the acoustics. The DJ booth itself is 10 sqm.

As mentioned above; it’s fully concreted, anti-vibration and has tons of space. Our club is the first club in Mongolia equipped with Void Acoustics and our overall design is pretty much influenced by the speakers.

And, as we are a nightclub, crazy things always happen! There are too many to talk about, so we can’t pick just one!"

Bangkok, Thailand
Iconic Vinyl Studio

This four-floored space in Bangkok is an audiophile’s playground. The space houses various spots such as a hi-fi bar, event space, production studio, DJ school, record store, equipment store and listening rooms that feature high-end sound systems such as Funktion-One and Urei. Simply put, Iconic Vinyl Studio a one-stop shop for all when visiting the city.

"All our DJs booths are about exuding an intimate vibe. It’s about art, design and music with the right lighting effect. The first floor will be a presentation of a set of DJs, accompanied by world-class Funktion-One speakers on the side. For the design, we collaborated with a leading Thai artist, Khun Dee Sweetdrug. Sofa Session, located on the second floor, is a zone that offers warmth and comfort. The space is decked out with classic Mcintosh275 speakers and Thorens turntables. In another zone on the second floor, the aesthetic revolves around the distinctiveness of our JBL Vintage speakers.

Iconic Vinyl Studio was born from a passion for art, design and music. Another Iconic feature is the Funktion-One high-end speakers — it’s not your typical speaker brand since it emphasises on design in addition to sound.

One night it was the legendary DJ Patdrastik's birthday and the team was about to surprise him with a cake. The room went dark and someone shouted out 'Police! Police!' and Pat just froze for a sec. Then he realized we just wanted to prank him on his birthday!"

Jakarta, Indonesia

Speaking true to their “The before or after anything bar..." slogan, ZODIAC took a newly refreshed look in December 2022 and its aesthetics scream all things unique. The space is adorned with moody red walls and spotted speakers that ooze out different genres every day of the week, with more relaxing tunes on weekdays and havoc on the weekends. You’ll also be able to find that ZODIAC houses a retail space as they focus on fashion, art and music as a whole.

"The original inspiration actually came from Pet Shop Boys’ 'Being Boring' music video. There’s a particular image of a family portrait with a leopard print sofa — that’s where we got the inspiration for the interiors of our space. From there, we kind of developed the details that were put into the DJ booth to complement the different elements in the whole area.

The acoustics were definitely a particular feature we wanted to prioritize. Being a music bar on the weekdays and club on the weekend, we wanted to maximize the selection, position and settings for a paramount sound experience, and we were fortunate to have help from our friend, Dea Barandana, for the initial adjustments. Essentially, the visual decision was made to match the character of the sound and the overall feel of the venue.

For the placement itself, of course the DJ booth was the center point of ZODIAC. Crowd interaction became one of the most important aspects to consider, energy exchange between the DJ and the crowd can really make it or break it. We consider the DJ booth as the cockpit for the DJ, how can they pilot the night as comfortably and enjoyable as possible - both for their personal experience as well as the whole club interaction.

We went through a chronicle of changes with our DJ booth. When we first opened we had a Bozak CME10-2DL mixer, Altec A7, EAW LA460 and JBL 4425 monitors, Pioneer DJM 2000 Nexus2 CDJs and Technics SL-1200 MK5 Turntables. This has its own history on itself since we wanted a simple, warm, vintage analog sound character and it just so happens that one of our partners has the Bozak mixer that we felt would marry beautifully with the Altec speakers. The fact that the mixer doesn’t have EQ seems to make the soundscape so simple and honest.

Our DJ booth journey continues at our 4th anniversary where we replaced our Mixer to a UREI 1620 + Stornsystem Isolator + Stornsystem VU meter. These are custom Stornsystem isolator and VU, a collaboration with an Indonesian sound system artist that repairs and builds custom analogue synths. We are lucky enough to work with their founder Evans Storn who is a renowned electronic/experimental music artist and a master DIY electronic practitioner from Bandung. This is actually the first tool he made to function in a club. We plan on doing all our custom mixers with Stornsystem in the future.

Apart from that we also changed our sound system to a JBL 4355 modified + EAW LA460 + JBL 4425 Monitors and the CDJs are now 2 Pioneer CDJ 3000, and the turntables are still 2 Technics SL1200 MK5.

As for the crazy moments... We don’t think it would be appropriate to write them down. What happens in the ZODIAC DJ booth stays in the ZODIAC DJ booth — or rather below the DJ booth, hahaha."

[Image of Offtrack via Khoo GuoJie]

[Image of Zü Club via Buro247]

Miki Kitasako is Mixmag Asia’s Social Media and Content Producer, follow her on LinkedIn.

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