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Peels Records & Bar opens its doors at a new Bali location

The second outlet preserves a spatial identity that is “unmistakably Peels"

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 13 October 2022
Peels Records & Bar opens its doors at a new Bali location

From Bandung to Bali, Peels Records & Bar has opened its second outlet located in the streets of Pantai Pererenan. Leaning towards a more “past futuristic 1960s vibe” through its design, the space echoes the same immersive experience with its strong emphasis on colour identity, textures and tactile qualities, plus the angular forms that all make up the spatial identity that is unmistakably Peels.

The presence of Peels Records & Bar also makes it one of the first music bar-slash-record stores in the area. “We wanted to create some traffic within the area. We’re hoping that more businesses will open around there too,” explains owner Fritz Yonathan.

As you enter, the bright yellow record store curated by Head Music Director, Munir, greets you with a collection of Japanese, Indonesian city pop, funk, boogie, disco, house and dance records. The bar and sound room boast customized Altec A7 vintage speakers, a Varia Instruments rotary mixer and elevated turntables.

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Responsible for its eclectic interior is none other than Flowers in May — a Bandung-based interior and furniture design studio. Inspired by the 1960s dream of an unabashedly sensual future, they make use of thin LED wall lamps, triangular hoods and a large stainless steel pillar in the middle of the space to evoke a science fiction-worthy atmosphere. The cosy ambience of the Bandung initial outlet can still be felt through the electrifying blue velvet furniture that balances the overall orange interior façade.

“We want to keep our colour and spatial identity apparent for both locations. It’s also important for us to respond to the building, so we came up with ideas for the interior based on the building itself, making only small apparent changes to the interior design template,” Yonathan added.

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As for the menu, with a new location comes new refreshments. Specially curated for its Bali customers, a number of new drinks and food items that highlight local produce and taste notes will be available to enjoy, served right from the kitchen located behind the DJ deck. The crowd favourites so far; the Mezcal Negroni and the Pererenan Sling (a twist on the Singapore sling using local arak).

Haven’t made your way to the island just yet? You can still explore more on Peels Records & Bar in Bali here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Editorial Assistant, follow her on Instagram.

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