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Zouk announces new resident DJ Krisha ahead of 33rd anniversary celebrations

Get to know the venue's resident line-up & gear up for a whole month of events in June

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 30 April 2024
Zouk announces new resident DJ Krisha ahead of 33rd anniversary celebrations

Zouk Singapore is excited to welcome its newest resident DJ, Krisha, a trailblazing talent who brings fresh energy to the club's renowned line-up.

As the only female resident DJ at Zouk Singapore, Krisha's arrival marks a significant moment in the club's commitment to innovation and diversity. With experience at leading clubs in China and Korea, she's made a name for herself as an international name to look out for.

Her diverse style effortlessly combines EDM, house, tech house, hip-hop, and even touches of hardstyle and psytrance, creating a unique sound that resonates with both longtime clubgoers and the younger crowd.

Adding even more flavour to an exciting line-up of club nights, Krisha joins Zouk's crew of residents Jeremy Boon, DJ Hong, DJ Rattle, DJ Ghetto and DJ Caden who continue to push the boundaries of electronic music and clubbing experience in Singapore.

Get to know more about them below.

DJ Caden

When he was 17, DJ Caden ignited his electronic music journey at Singapore Polytechnic, mentored by Zouk Singapore's DJ Rattle. Rising swiftly, he clinched top honours in Pioneer's Live Mix Maestro Competition, propelling him into the vibrant nightclub scene. It's also worth noting that in 2015, he triumphed in the Sentosa DJ Spin-off. Despite a brief corporate stint after graduating in 2018, Caden returned to his musical roots, securing a prestigious residency at Zouk Singapore. As of 2022, he stands as a testament to unwavering dedication and courage, pushing the boundaries with groundbreaking mixes that captivate audiences.

DJ Ghetto

DJ Ghetto, a force in Singapore's music scene since 2010, dominates Zouk's 'TGIW' and '100% Bulletproof' with his diverse beats. From sharing stages with top DJs to rocking festivals across Asia and even Melbourne, he's a turntable virtuoso with DMC World DJ Championships under his belt. As JUICE Magazine's Best New DJ in 2010 and a Sennheiser Brand Ambassador, DJ Ghetto holds residencies at Zouk for 'TGIW' every Wednesday and Phuture, where he leads '100% Bulletproof' every Friday, showcasing a signature blend of EDM, open-format, hip hop, and r’n’b beats.

DJ Rattle

DJ Rattle, a veteran of Singapore's nightlife for over 24 years, boasts a self-taught journey that led to becoming the DMC Singapore champion in 2004 and 2005. He's a sought-after DJ in Southeast Asia, having graced the decks of many venues in the region. Beyond the decks, he collaborates with Mediacorp's Sheikh Haikel. Known for his hardworking and humorous style, DJ Rattle's nights 'Sin City' and 'SLIME' promise a blend of the latest hip-hop and trap beats, celebrating the evolution of urban music.

DJ Hong

Celebrating a three-decade legacy in the electronic music scene, DJ Hong stands as Zouk's seasoned resident DJ since 2008, igniting the dance floor with a dynamic blend of rave, hard techno, hard trance, and hard house. From sharing stages with icons like Tiësto and Avicii to leaving an indelible mark on global hotspots like Ibiza and Tokyo, he’s become synonymous with electrifying performances. Zouk Singapore proudly presents 'Soniq' — an exclusive night dedicated to DJ Hong's revival of rave culture that invites all to revel in the quick, enjoyable, and funky vibes of its genres.

Jeremy Boon

Jeremy Boon's journey with Zouk Singapore began in 1991, evolving from a fan to a celebrated influencer in the local scene. Renowned for exploring diverse sub-genres like disco house, tech house, and big room techno, he's established himself as a tastemaker. His impact extends beyond the DJ booth, with appearances on BBC Radio One and a notable compilation, 'Zouk In The House', on Defected Records. Sharing stages with icons like Frankie Knuckles and Carl Cox, Jeremy's international footprint spans from Ibiza to Ultra Music Festival in Korea. At Zouk's 'One Dance,' guided by Jeremy Boon, resident DJs showcase their boundless talent, creating nights that celebrate music's power to unite and transcend barriers. Each evening under Jeremy's guidance promises an unforgettable experience, leaving club-goers craving more.

Another exciting announcement: Zouk Singapore is set to mark its 33rd anniversary with a month-long celebration in June.

With an unwavering fan base, Zouk has continuously redefined clubbing with its residents, offering a dynamic mix of beats that keep patrons coming back for more, decade after decade. From the energetic beats of Krisha to Jeremy Boon's eclectic sets, and from Hong's hard-pounding tracks to Rattle's pulsating hip-hop, each night promises a unique clubbing experience.

Commemorating this milestone celebration, Zouk has prepared an exciting world-class line-up for party and electronic music enthusiasts in Singapore. Make sure you don't miss the chance to experience why the establishment has remained a favourite for over three decades.

Leading up to June, Zouk will soon be announcing its special 33rd anniversary festivities; stay updated here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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