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Worldwide FM to “pause” broadcasting amid “financial revaluation” of the station

Founder Giles Peterson expressed his "regret" over the decision after 6 years of being on air

  • Aneesa Ahmed
  • 14 September 2022
Worldwide FM to “pause” broadcasting amid “financial revaluation” of the station

Gilles Peterson’s Worldwide FM will be pausing broadcasting in October after six years as it enters what it calls a “period of transition”.

The radio station will stop broadcasting from October 28 but has confirmed that the Worldwide FM website and Mixcloud will still be available to listeners who wish to listen to archived material.

In a lengthy post by founder Gilles Peterson, which referenced many notable points in his career from “putting aerials up on Pirates aged 16” to playing his first track on Radio Invicta 92.4, he states that it is “with regret” that the station is pausing.

“With regret, I’m having to pause Worldwide FM from the end of October. I’m so proud of what has been achieved in the last six years,” it reads.

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The station has also confirmed the news on its own social channels, saying that it is currently “re-organising and re-evaluating the next phase and financing for the station.”

“In the meantime, we look forward to enjoying those next few weeks, celebrating our station and all that we have achieved so far so stay tuned in.”

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Worldwide FM has hosted a diverse range of shows since its inception in 2016, allowing artists from all over the globe to highlight under-the-radar genres.

“Whether our programming comes from Palestine or New Orleans," the station writes on its website. "We try where we can to give voice to progressive artists and cultural figures who fight inequality in all its forms.”

It has welcomed pioneering figures in underground music, including Jamz Supernova, TSHA, NikNak, Tara Lily, Louise Chen, Tash LC, Rohan Rakhit and Coco Maria.

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The announcement of Worldwide FM's indefinite break comes after SWU.FM's decision to stop airing at the start of this month.

The Bristol-based station, which opened during the COVID-19 pandemic, shut down on September 1 due to increased expenses and energy costs.

To find out more about Worldwide FM and its programmes, visit its website here.

Aneesa Ahmed is Mixmag's Digital Intern, follow her on Twitter

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