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Vietnamese rave collective Nhạc Gãy are hosting a lovestream to support local communities hard hit by the pandemic

The 16-hour stream will air this Sunday starting at 10am uniting local & diasporic Vietnamese artists

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 25 August 2021
Vietnamese rave collective Nhạc Gãy are hosting a lovestream to support local communities hard hit by the pandemic

For a while, things in Asia seemed to be going ok. Borders were closed but once you were in, there was some semblance of normalcy. Music was played, and parties were had. Unfortunately, even the tightest of borders were no match against the delta variant which is wreaking havoc across Asia and hitting nations like Vietnam hard. The country has been on some kind of lockdown since May, with businesses closed and movements limited. This has affected most of the population, but especially those who were already at a disadvantage — and Nhạc Gãy are stepping in to help.

The Vietnam-based team are hosting a 16-hour online event of peace and solidarity this upcoming Sunday. Called Gây Quỹ Gãy Lovestream, the stream will look to raise funds for charities that are supporting people in difficulties during COVID.

"It’s never easy, but we feel grateful to be healthy, under a roof with food. We are conscious that some others are going through harsher times when their physical and mental health deteriorated when some lives, homes and jobs were lost. Meanwhile, volunteers from non-profit organizations are actively risking their own safety every day to go out and support people in need, struggling from this new wave and long-lasting isolation."

Ho Chi Minh City collective Nhạc Gãy will join hands with Vietnamese artists, both local and reaching all over the world, to offer an intimate and raw daylong video stream of soft music, contemporary dance and talks about mental health during lockdown with an art therapist.

In a departure from their usual style of hard dance, artists like Abi Wasabi, Anh Phi, Animistic Beliefs, Attiss Ngo, Cel-T, Di Linh, Xynnh ~ Mor Wen { Glory Affairs }, Kim Dürbeck, Mess, Mike Pham, Maggie Tra, Minoto, Sức khỏe, Nodey, Ony, Phambinho, Rắn Cạp Đuôi, Laifex, Suboi, Tiny Giant, Vincent Yuen Ruiz, X_Bangdang, Mai:Tri w/ Mien Pham and the entire Gãy family will explore to a softer side of electronica.

“We're known for our intense rave energies and hard dance, but this time, we will explore the opposite side of the spectrum and will play a wide range of soothing sounds: classical, nhạc trịnh, nhạc đỏ, acoustic, ambient trance, psychedelic jazz, electronica, ritualistic folk, chill hip-hop, massage spa music, downtempo, soundtracks, idm, synth pop, post-club…

“Our music for this lovestream will allow viewers to relax and do other activities in parallel, reading, cooking, writing and napping.”

Funds raised during the stream will be equally distributed between Saigon Children, Đêm Sài Gòn, Blue Dragon and Oxy cộng đồng Sài Gòn. Gãy will kickstart donations with a16.000.000 VND ($700) injected that was raised from previous events — generated from previous raves ticket sales — to kickstart the fundraising.

Gãy is a Saigon-based music and arts collective. They throw rave nights, release experimental club music and lead mental health initiatives. Gãy embraces flaws and oddities, fueled by the desire to connect and explore a shared common identity in constant mutation.

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Watch the stream this Sunday, August 29 beginning at 10am. Watch there stream here. Donations can be made here.

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