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Singapore bids farewell to Kilo Lounge, but hopefully not for long

The Lion City loses a famed music hub over rising rents

  • Charles Budd
  • 4 November 2019
Singapore bids farewell to Kilo Lounge, but hopefully not for long

A sad day for Singapore, indeed. After three years of operating at two different locations, Kilo Lounge officially announces its closure at Tanjong Pagar at the end of 2019. “It’s been a fantastic run, but truthfully, the costs that come with operating on a prime belt of Singapore real estate hasn’t proven to be financially sustainable for a club like ours, one which primarily finds its niche in house and techno, genres that are still (for the most part) considered underground for the nightlife masses,” reads a statement shared by the club on Facebook earlier today.

The forthcoming closure rings in low emotions for punters across the region, as Kilo Lounge played host to a vasty array of international DJs, as well as laid itself as a powerful platform for local and regional jockeys.

Singapore’s turntable heroes who include Amy Dabbs, Mr Has, Oliver Osborne, Jonothon Kusuma, Zig Zach, Amber H and Brendon P all stood tall and played side by side amongst international greats such as Henry Saiz, Yousef, Nakadia, &ME, Carl Craig and Tensnake, to new just a few.

Although hope for continuing their pursuit of dance-floor revelry is far from lost, the team is more adamant than ever to take humble strides towards a new beginning. “It’s not like us to bow out and leave without a fight. As it stands, we’ve already begun the search for a new home, because we truly believe that we still have so much more to offer. Please be patient with us while we embark on this new hunt, and when we come back, we’ll be armed to the teeth with all the good and bad that we’ve learned from both the Kilo Lounges at Kampong Bugis and Tanjong Pagar.”

And while the clock is still ticking in 2019, Kilo Lounge requests that you join them for “glorious dance floor goodbyes, from now until our last night on New Year’s Eve, 31 Dec 2019.”

“We intend to leave Tanjong Pagar the same way that we arrived – with kick drums and synths on blast, with hearts full and eyes bright.”

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