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Watch a 2-hour stream from a river clean-up with Sungai Watch in Bali

Lauren Lane & Rainforest Pavilion beam music for Mother Earth

  • Mixmag Asia
  • 7 May 2021
Watch a 2-hour stream from a river clean-up with Sungai Watch in Bali

For Earth Day, we turned the tables on streaming and instead of beaming music from one of the most beautiful places in the world, we chose one that needs our attention: Bali's waterways.

Over the last year, Sungai Watch has stopped more than 300,000 pounds of plastic from entering the oceans via barriers they install in rivers around Bali. Together with Bye Bye Plastic Foundation, ABRACADABRA, Lauren Lane and Rainforest Pavillion, with support from Potato Head Beach Club and Slab Interiors, we banded together and used the power of music to raise awareness around the situation in Bali.

The output was a stream that debuted last weekend on ABRACADABRA Earth Day Festival on Twitch and the cost of two elements to a barrier was raised. Now you can watch the stream in full on

Earth Day might have passed but the planet needs our attention every day; Sungai Watch is out there cleaning rivers, beaches and landfills on the regular. Considering getting involved, by joining a cleanup, donating or sponsoring an element to a barrier. Learn more about the situation in Bali and connect with Sungai Watch here.

Read about the project in full here.

Happy Earth Year

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