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​Space Available recycles orange Fanta caps for home listening

Items like a turntable casing & record box contribute to the removal of plastic waste from nature

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 19 March 2023
​Space Available recycles orange Fanta caps for home listening

Circular design collective Space Available has scavenged and recycled more than 275,000 orange plastic Fanta caps collected from landfills and waterways in Indonesia and reimagined them into material for a limited collection of music items.

The collection features a 12" record box, a casing for the Technics 1210 turntable and a custom Urie 1620 mixer faceplate. Each record box equals around 850 bottle caps being removed from nature, and each casing around 400 bottle caps. Other materials used in production are 100% recycled post-consumer LDPE and HDPE plastic, reclaimed wood, reclaimed harness belts and steel hardware.

Despite a hefty price tag, when the orange-tinged items were released to the world, they sold out online within 24 hours. To accommodate demand, a second limited run will be coming online in the coming weeks. For those in Bali, there is still some stock at the Museum of Space Available (MoSA) in Canggu.

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Since launching in 2020, Space Available has so far recycled more than 4.5 million plastic bottle caps. From homeware to accessories, each item the brand makes contributes to the removal of waste from the natural world. Collections usually coincide with case studies like the exploration of mycelium, and pieces telling the story of Radical Living Structures and Utopian Architecture.

If you're in Bali, visit MoSA, a new world gallery and circular design center, to better explore and understand the circular system that it looks to promote through collections and educated.

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