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Shubostar gets cosmic with Mixmag Asia in Bangkok

Get ready for a night of spacey disco sounds on April 19 at Sing Sing Theater

  • Words: Mixmag Asia | Image: Diego Velasco
  • 11 April 2023
Shubostar gets cosmic with Mixmag Asia in Bangkok

Korean sonic cosmonaut Shubostar is making her way to Southeast Asian shores for a night of intergalactic-sounding goodness next week.

Real name Jiyoung Shubo Bak, Shubostar who’s based between Vienna and Berlin recently bestowed us with her latest EP ‘Dolphin Dream’ on March 31. The release’s four tracks, out via German label Live at Robert Johnson, sees the artist continue on her sonic exploration of spacey disco and house sensibilities — the exact kind of floor-focused resonances we’re expecting to dance to soon.

“I define my musical style as cosmic disco,” she once told Mixmag Asia in an interview, also adding how “I’ve always been fascinated by space”.

The idiosyncratic artist was also just featured as the cover girl for Mixmag Brazil.

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Spreading her effervescent sound live in Southeast Asia, Shubostar is heading to Bangkok’s illustrious Sing Sing Theater for a midweek sonic soirée on Wednesday, April 19. She will be supported by local stalwart Rui Tang who also opened for Radio Slave in January — a night that also took place at the same retro-futuristic venue.

For more info on the event, head over to Sing Sing Theater's Instagram here.

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