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Shubostar works remix magic into Oberst & Buchner's 'Freie Sicht'

Her futurist revision arrives on a 5 track EP via German label, Heimlich Musik

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 2 September 2022
Shubostar works remix magic into Oberst & Buchner's 'Freie Sicht'

South Korean artist Shubostar is back in remix action, serving a typically effervescent rework of 'Freie Sicht (Feat Acud)' from German duo, Oberst & Buchner.

Based between Viena and Berlin, Oberst & Buchner have released a stream of genre-defying sounds on labels including Baikal Nomads, Mireia and Data Snacks, and here they return to their regular home on Heimlich Muzik with an intriguing five-track EP.

The throbbing original version of 'Freie Sicht (Feat Acud)' slowly broods as atmospheric synths join tension-building rhythm guitar to caress evocative vocals over a head-nodding arrangement. The track appears in radio and instrumental versions alongside remixes from Tal Fussman and Shubostar. We've followed Shubo's burgeoning career from the start, admiring up close her releases on the likes of Internasjonal, Eskimo, and her own Uju imprint. True to her recent form, she injects a magnetic thrust into the music with her powerfully floor-focused revision of 'Freie Sicht'. Upping the tempo, her elegant but driving mix weaves a dramatic lead synth motif over a pulsing bass arpeggio, undulating across a club-primed arrangement as a stirring drum track powers the groove.

You can listen to Shubostar's remix of 'Freie Sicht (Feat Acud) here:

Oberst & Buchner 'Freie Sicht (Feat Acud) is out on September 2. You can buy it here

Patrizio Cavaliere is Mixmag Asia's Music Editor. Follow him on Instagram