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Picture a luminous Bali sunset via DBRA’s new track, ‘Senja’

7 minutes of organic electronic bliss, out now via Berlin’s Kamai Music

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 11 September 2023
Picture a luminous Bali sunset via DBRA’s new track, ‘Senja’

Bali-based DBRA is back to grace us with ‘Senja’; another downtempo delight she describes as “a deep, groovy bassline accompanied by minor notes and a touch of traditional instruments.”

The title refers to the moment when afternoon ends and evening begins (aka “the golden hour”), and the music becomes the perfect sonic embodiment of that. Her knack for captivating listeners with a harmonious blend of hypnotic rhythms, enchanting melodies and an addicting groove once again shines through in this release via Kamai Music, beckoning us to imagine a picturesque Bali sunset perfect for swaying in the breeze.

Production-wise, everything came into place serendipitously for ‘Senja’; “I was playing around in the studio in the process of creating a bassline and got hooked on a groovy melody. Once I got into this groove, I started to put other instruments around that bassline.” The result is seven minutes of organic electronic bliss that emits a warm, relaxing vibe, shared just last Friday, September 8, and is already featured on Beatport’s Best New Organic House/Downtempo chart.

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The track comes not so long after a release on Cafe De Anatolia LAB named ‘Purnama’ (meaning “full moon”), which came out on 18 August — seems like DBRA’s been busy in the studio...and we're all for it.

'Senja' and 'Purnama' were initially meant to be released as a pair, but then DBRA realised they each needed to stand out on their own; “This is also why the title is still about that sunset hour and moon rise. Every rise has a fall and every fall has a rise. Every end is a new beginning.”

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Whichever you prefer, DBRA is surely able to craft a perfect sonic manifestation for your listening pleasure.

Listen to DBRA ‘Senja’ here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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