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Premiere: ‘Seeds of Life’ evokes visceral emotions of I7HVN’s childhood

The opening track for upcoming ‘Youthful’ LP embraces contrasting aspects of tranquillity & chaos

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 14 June 2023
Premiere: ‘Seeds of Life’ evokes visceral emotions of I7HVN’s childhood

I7HVN (pronounced "ish-an") has been continuously pushing boundaries with his distinct soundscapes that transcend conventional genres.

The Bangalore-based multimedia artist and Safar Collective founder revels in unorthodox resampling and sound design techniques which result in ethereal compositions that have found their home in labels such as Berlin’s Postdynamic and Steyoyoke Recordings plus Seattle’s Observant Records.

His upcoming album ‘Youthful’ is a sonic portrayal of the intricate labyrinth of emotions and the transition into adulthood that draws on his personal experiences. Within the 11 meticulously crafted pieces are an array of sounds ranging from electronica to breakbeat, trip-hop to IDM, each unfolding as a chapter in an introspective sonic odyssey.

Assigned as the opening track, ‘Seeds of Life’ aims to convey the artist’s personal journey through a form of aural journaling, truly capturing the essence of his emotions as a child.

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“The sonic arrangement of ‘Seeds of Life’ is a deliberate exploration of evolution, embracing contrasting aspects of tranquillity and chaos, both inherent in human behaviour,” explains I7HVN to Mixmag Asia.

From the first resonance, the track immerses listeners in a rich orchestral scene with its strings, soft pads and delicate percussion, creating an atmosphere that transports you back to a tender age. “This arrangement intends to evoke a sense of subtlety and vulnerability, effectively mirroring the delicate nature of a young child,” he adds.

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Transitioning from orchestral to chaotic, digital glitchiness, ‘Seeds of Life’ represents the growth we undergo as individuals. The oscillating moments of calm and unpredictability are meant to mirror the fluctuating nature of emotions.

Choosing ‘Seeds of Life’ as the intro track was a deliberate decision, as it sets the stage for the album’s progression.

Take a listen to the track below.

I7HVN ‘Youthful’ will be released in its entirety on July 10 via Qilla Records.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Managing Editor, follow her on Instagram.

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