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Safar Collective offer an aural-visual experience in 'Prahar (प्रहर)’

19 field recording-based compositions that capture a single day’s myriad of moods

  • Waiying Ho
  • 5 September 2022
Safar Collective offer an aural-visual experience in 'Prahar (प्रहर)’

India's Safar Collective has released ‘Prahar (प्रहर )’ — a 19-track “mega project” collaboration of visual artists and music producers. The word ‘Prahar’ is translated from Sanskrit and refers to “a three-hour slice of day”. The project implements a concept from Indian classical music where “ragas” (a collection of pitches plus specific formulas for utilising them) have been made for these times of the day to maximise their aesthetic effects.

Released on August 26, the compilation is an aural-visual experiment examining the passage of time along with how it affects the human psyche during 24 hours of the day.

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To kickstart the project, music producers took field recordings along with photos of their surroundings during the time of aural documentation. They then created a unique, experimental composition that embodied the Prahar that was assigned to them. Ultimately, the aim of the compilation is to catalogue the moods and interpretations of each Prahar, translating the musical arrangements and pictures as inspiration to create visual artwork.

Limited to only using field recordings means all the beats and melodies you hear in ‘Prahar (प्रहर )’ are exactly that — field recordings. No samples, no synths.

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The end result is a cohesive amalgam of sound and sight, capturing the myriad of moods a person goes through in the span of 24 hours while reflecting the vibe of each Prahar. Every original, experimental piece delivers a cohesive experience from start to end, much like the movement of time itself.

Immerse yourself in the sounds of ‘Prahar (प्रहर )’ from Safar Collective here, and check out the accompanying artwork on their Instagram.

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