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Rezz & Grabbitz come together for a crafty music video

The Ukrainian artist also shares her signature cyberpunk goggles for social media fans

  • Zita Chan
  • 29 April 2020
Rezz & Grabbitz come together for a crafty music video

Things aren’t easy for most of us right now, which is why we have to think out the box and find a way forward. For her new single ‘Someone Else’, Rezz turned to her tour VJ to direct and create a music video as their original filming plans were restrained due to COVID-19.

The single is a collaboration with vocalist, producer and songwriter Grabbitz, composed of a fat mid-tempo groove and subtly meandering synths. Grabbitz’s vocal touch tips the track towards a dark-soul edge, and the video does great justice to his efforts. Impressively, the video was record on iPhones from their respective homes.

Rezz is a highly creative artist, who has undoubtedly perched herself in the spotlight of women in dance music. She was recently featured in the documentary ‘Underplayed’, which investigates and explores the culture of exclusion of leading female artists. Her signature cyberpunk look has an impressive impact on her live shows, but now her fans join her through her Instagram and Snap fullers which recently launched in conjunction with the new single.

We like artists thinking ahead — as a follow up to ‘Someone Else’, Rezz revealed a recent collaboration with SVDDEN DEATH for his side project VOYD. While you’re waiting for more news about that, check out the crafty music video below for ‘Someone Else.

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