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Renowned Tokyo nightclub VENT needs your help

If you ever want to dance there again, this would be a good time to help

  • Rylee Chow
  • 7 April 2020
Renowned Tokyo nightclub VENT needs your help

Welcome to 2020, the year coronavirus killed the music industry. Well, we're doing our best here, but it's hard. Festivals were the first to go, and clubs were next as social distancing became enforced all over the globe. But clubs, unlike music festivals, have rent to pay every month and salaries to staff who depend on their jobs to sustain themselves day to day. As days turned into weeks and weeks have turned into months, it's become harder and harder for clubs to stay afloat. One club in Japan has taken matters into their own hands.

After just a month of temporary closure, VENT is looking for financial support as its existence is under threat from the seemingly endless pandemic situation. The club launched a fundraising campaign a few days ago which looks to raise ¥3,000,000 for the rent and overhead expenses. As of writing, VENT had already raised 65% of the target funds (JYP ¥1,960,000). You can also help support the club by purchasing merch like T-shirts and coats. Buy them here.

Besides VENT, other nightclubs and sectors in the music scene are also suffering from the revenue loss due to all the cancelled activities. There are more you can do to #SaveOurScene, like skip your refund to a cancelled festival, buy music from local artists, make a donation to nightclub workers and more. Your support makes a massive difference to the scene during this hard time.

Opened in 2014, VENT in Tokyo has stood out from other nightclubs in the city as it offers a unique atmosphere and stellar programming with its renowned acoustics system. Their minimal yet cosy interior design is almost the same as an art gallery. Located in Omotesando, the venue has hosted dance music legends like Andrew Weatherall, Richie Hawtin, Dixon, Floating Points, Scuba and more while attracting over 11,000 clubgoers in four years of operation.

Find more information on the campain here.