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Planet Turbo Records’ ‘For Gaza’ gathers Korean artists in support of humanitarian aid efforts

Out March 15, the compilation features tracks by h4rdy, Salamanda's Yetsuby and Uman Therma, DJ Co.Kr and more

  • Adrianna Cheung
  • 8 March 2024
Planet Turbo Records’ ‘For Gaza’ gathers Korean artists in support of humanitarian aid efforts

Seoul-based Planet Turbo Recordsis releasing a 13-track compilation titled ‘For Gaza’ on March 15.

Given the pressing humanitarian crisis in Gaza, several artists from the Korean underground scene have come together to contribute tracks for the fundraising compilation.

Spearheaded by Mike Shins of Planet Turbo Records, this initiative also seeks to raise awareness about the situation, specifically among electronic music enthusiasts in Korea.

This release features tracks by Yetsuby and Uman Therma of Salamanda, Jaeho Hwang and Dayoung from Seoul-based label Fragmented Service, 2STEP GAKSULI aka Seesea, DJ Co.Kr and h4rdy, Lobotome, 7ip7o3, Coziest, Morelo, Faacia and 전투조류 from 2DFX Club, and Azael.

All proceeds from 'For Gaza' will go to reliable mutual aid groups that are actively helping on-site by offering essential aid such as food, shelter, medical supplies, and trauma support for those impacted by the crisis.

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‘For Gaza’ will be out on March 15 as a digital release as well as a physical USB with links to relevant information sites in Korean and English.

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The fundraising endeavour will be further supported by an event held at on the same day, featuring a line-up of local DJs plus a guest speaker from a local activist organization.

Purchase ‘For Gaza’ when it drops on March 15 here.

Adrianna Cheung is Mixmag Asia’s Culture Curator, follow her on Instagram.

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