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Salamanda release two singles ahead of upcoming album ‘In Parallel’

The duo slightly depart from their traditionally ambient sound for ‘Suntickles’ & ‘Homemade Jam’

  • Henry Cooper
  • 18 October 2023
Salamanda release two singles ahead of upcoming album ‘In Parallel’

Salamanda are set to release their latest and most focused LP to date, ‘In Parallel’, via Wisdom Teeth on November 3. It is anticipated to be their most vividly textural and immersively psychedelic record yet.

The duo have been honing their dream-state sound since 2019 across four albums and over a dozen singles, with this project being arguably the most realised and cohesive to date.

Throughout their discography, they have become known for their euphoric ambience, buried fragments of found sound and manipulated vocals, giving a warm ambient narrative. However, the pulse of contemporary club and pop music has always been on the cusp.

Since their last record, the most significant development has been their use of vocals, which are front-and-centre on the lead single ‘Homemade Jam’, which is more reminiscent of a traditional alt-pop track from SOPHIE or Charli XCX.

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There’s also ‘Sun Tickles’, whose ambience and atmosphere constantly evolve throughout its run-time. The central melody of the track is loose and playful, sounding almost like a wind-up toy box from decades ago. It’s the small subtleties in the track that make it what it is, and you’re sure not to catch everything upon first listen.

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Both tracks make for a vast departure from their traditionally more ambient sounds, which makes us wonder what else in store when the full project releases on November 3.

Pre-order ‘In Parallel’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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