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MYRNE toys with stagnant lockdown emotions on latest single 'Circles'

“It’s like we’re going in circles”

  • Waiying Ho
  • 22 March 2022
MYRNE toys with stagnant lockdown emotions on latest single 'Circles'

It’s hardly been a minute since we heard his first single on Astralwerks, ‘What Can I Do’ and Singaporean DJ and producer MYRNE wants to let us know that he’s fired up with an onslaught of releases for 2022, as he builds up towards his ‘Circles’ EP that’s due to drop in April.

‘Circles’ is the second single from his forthcoming eponymous EP, and it sees the Singaporean producer dive deeper into his bag of melodic tricks, keeping the melancholic euphoria aligned to the current times, while making sure charming tones deliver a sense of triumph. ‘Circles’ drifts towards stagnated emotions, with MYRNE expressing the true impact on one’s physical and mental health that our recent times have dawned upon us.

Although it might be deemed as lockdown music, ‘Circles’ also drops at a time when courage and inspiration have never been more needed — the lyrics “It’s like we’re going in circles” reminds us of how complicated and simple life can be at the same time, but that we need to persevere.

MYRNE 'Circles' is out now on Astralwerks. You can save it on your favourite streaming platform by clicking here.

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