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Mogwaa conjours Balearic bliss on latest long-player, 'Del Mar'

The Korean artist shows genre-defying class on his sophomore vinyl album

  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 26 April 2022
Mogwaa conjours Balearic bliss on latest long-player, 'Del Mar'

Dextrous musical adventurer Mogwaa arrives on MM Discos with his latest album, serving six typically genre-defying tracks on the 'Del Mar' LP.

The Korean artist has barely put a foot wrong with the imaginatively constructed vinyl releases he's crafted over the past five or so years. With previous releases on, among others, US imprint Star Creature, Germany's Bless You – as well as offerings surfacing closer to home on Hong Kong's Klasse Wrecks and Bangkok-based More Rice – it appears that the man behind the moniker, Seungyoung Lee, has been in a rich vein of creative form in recent years. Having delivered his debut long-player via 1Asia back in 2019, 'Del Mar' is his second studio album, and the music is predictably inspired across the collection.

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Echoing with subtle eastern shades, the deviant disco swells of 'Where The Wave Beggins' sees mysterious melodies dancing over scattered rhythms, before the cod reggae sunset vibrations of 'Kalimotxo' dive deep into Balearic bliss. 'Sonrisa Del Mar' maintains the horizontal flow, with Latin-charged flutes and playful marimbas skipping over a gentle bossa rhythm before elegant acid waves elevate the sunset sensations. 'Jane Wave' returns to reggae-themed syncopation, with glistening pads and elusive marimbas gliding over lazy bass and low-slung drums, while the gloriously enigmatic 'Crackle' sees house organs and spirited synth flutes vie for position over swung drums and ethereal pads. Finally, closing track 'Tabarca' completes the sonic picture, with loose-limbed rhythms powering FM synth motifs and psychedelic swirls deep into late-night abandon.

Balearic disco at its finest, this coherent and wildly enjoyable collection is sure to win Mogwaa plenty of admirers in the cosmic community.

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Mogwaa 'Del Mar' is out now on MM Discos, you can buy it here

Patrizio Cavaliere is Mixmag Asia's Music Editor. Follow him on Instagram

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