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Ricardo Villalobos goes for the dubbed-out treatment on new A Mountain of One single, 'Black Apple Pink Apple'

A Mountain of One's forthcoming album drops on May 6

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 25 February 2022
Ricardo Villalobos goes for the dubbed-out treatment on new A Mountain of One single, 'Black Apple Pink Apple'

It’s been almost a year since we first heard about Ricardo Villalobos remixing A Mountain of One’s first album in over a decade, ‘Stars Planet Dust Me’. And the first of his remixes finally landed in our inbox and got its release today.

The original version of ‘Black Apple Pink Apple’ is the third single from the forthcoming album which drops on May 6, 2022. It’s a sultry slice of Americana-cosmic-pop, with Zeben’s voice smoothly syncopating between stardust-like trails of synths and sounds. For his remix, Ricardo craftily extracts Zeben (Zeb Jameson)’s enchanting vocal journey and relocates them over a dubbed-down broken beat, ripe for deeper moments on the dance floor.

Listen to the Original Mix below.

Like the original, Ricardo retains a classic-yet-forward-thinking notion through crafty drum work and refined mastering. Zeben’s nostalgic voice on the remix takes us back to versions of Olive’s dance classic from 1996, ‘You’re Not Alone’. It was a time when melancholia was used as therapy at the rave, and A Mountain of One’s Mo Morris and Zeb Jameson have skilfully rendered that emotionally transformational nostalgia into our current future where heroism and bravery are a prerequisite for survival.

Speaking about working with Ricardo, Mo Morris, who is based in Bali tells us, "With Ricardo, you're never too sure what you're going to get, other than a complete audio journey. His music is so effective at getting under your skin and into your sub-conscious and staying there. He’s a master craftsmen - the stripped down, dubbed out and naked production he brought to his 'Black Apple Pink Apple' version blew our minds when we first heard it."

This is the first from a set of remixes that Ricardo is doing for the album and we’re already excited to hear his upcoming articulations of A Mountain of One’s evocative works.

It’s a time for love and bonding, where darkness is left behind and we learn to cherish and accept instead of running away in abandonment.

A Mountain of One reminds us of that extra strength we all need right now, have a listen to it below and get your copy of 'Black apple Pink Apple’ Ricardo Villalobos Remix here.

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