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Audio Asia: scintillating sun-kissed swing fusion on Abstract Incognito's 'Me Gusta Dancing'

The multidisciplinary Indian artist shines on his sparkling debut release


  • Patrizio Cavaliere
  • 8 June 2021
Audio Asia: scintillating sun-kissed swing fusion on Abstract Incognito's 'Me Gusta Dancing'

Title: Me Gusta Dancing
Artist: Abstract Incognito
Label: Jansen Jardin
Release Date: June 11

Abstract Incognito is the production alias of multidisciplinary Indian artist, Aditya Mehta, whose unique production style is inspired by his love for bright sunny weather and warm coastal breezes. Though currently residing in India, a few years ago he relocated temporarily to Cape Town, South Africa as part of his noble quest to live life under sunny blue skies. It was there that he was introduced to old school Kwaito music, which helped inform his swing-heavy, downtempo grooves. Add to this a tasteful sprinkling of house, Italo, and Balearic, and you arrive somewhere in the ballpark of the Abstract Incognito sound.

The EP is comprised of two excellent tracks, each of which – no doubt partly due to the artist's broad musical influences – is pleasingly difficult to define in terms of genre. 'Me Gusta Dancing' is a glorious hybrid of sounds, with the obvious Balearic theme laced with rhythm-led shades of '90s swing and electro boogie. Lush pads combine with serene melodies over lightly jacking drums, vocal chops and rubber band bass to forge a superbly idiosyncratic piece of music. The track was inspired by 'Edits Culture' on SoundCloud, which motivated Mehta to make a compose original music that “sounds like an edit”. The quirky-but-refined aesthetics continue into, 'Alba Energetica', which is inspired by the Hysteric Edit of 'Silk Mirage' by Love Deluxe and suitably named with the Italian words for 'energetic sunrise'. The crisply produced track is refreshingly individual, with sugary chords caressing eccentric lead melodies throughout the steadily evolving arrangement, as low-slung bass and tight drums add solidity to the groove. Simultaneously star-gazing and deeply rooted, the sound is equally appropriate for steamy sundown sessions and late-night sonic experimentations in the back room.

“'Alba Energetica' was produced during my time in Cape Town and it took me two years to fully finish it,” says Mehta' “This track symbolises how energized I felt waking up in the city of Cape Town and opening the window sill to feel the cold breeze on my face and arms.”

Abstract Incognito 'Me Gusta Dancing' is out June 11 on Jansen Jardin, you can buy it on their Bandcamp page here

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