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Wata Igarashi unleashes 10 esoteric tracks for debut LP ‘Agartha’

An in-depth exploration of techno versatility, inspired by a mythical secret kingdom

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 21 June 2023
Wata Igarashi unleashes 10 esoteric tracks for debut LP ‘Agartha’

Finding its home on Cologne-based label Kompakt which specialises in microhouse and minimal techno, ‘Agartha’ is Wata Igarashi’s debut full-length album that’s named after a mythical secret kingdom.

The Japanese techno maestro’s ten tracks of the release are as excitingly abstruse as its title, creating soundtracks based on visualisations of specific scenes from an imaginary film based on the fictitious realm itself.

Though techno arguably reigns supreme, Igarashi showcases his compositional genius by intertwining a curated myriad of unexpected genres and elements; one cannot miss the influence of Miles Davis’ jazzy improvisations alongside Steve Reich’s minimalism and systems music that lures you deeper into a composition with sound continuums.

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‘Floating Against Time’ is the perfect example of this mesmerising effect; for just under nine minutes (the release’s longest track), listeners are invited to enjoy a beatless drift accompanied by the lingering of an arpeggiated sequence while swooning drones and waves of ambient resonances float and fill the space.

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Impeccably balancing melody, rhythm and texture, each of Igarashi’s tracks is a transformation of sound in itself, encompassing everything from ambient intros, moments of sonic psychedelic vibrancy, peculiar arpeggiated modular bleeps and more in a spectacular display of sonic versatility.

01. ‘Abyss I’
02. ‘Searching’
03. ‘Subterranean Life’
04. ‘Ceremony of the Dead’
05. ‘Floating Against Time’
06. ‘Abyss II’
07. ‘Burning’
08. ‘Agartha’
09. Darkness
10. Eternally

Purchase Wata Igarashi ‘Agartha’ here.

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