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Lujiachi & Bungalovv team up on spine-chilling joint EP, ‘Apex Union’

The collaboration between labels Club Late Music & Over My Body bridges Taiwan & France

  • Henry Cooper
  • 31 January 2024
Lujiachi & Bungalovv team up on spine-chilling joint EP, ‘Apex Union’

Berlin’s Bungalovv and Taipei’s Lujiachi are set to hit us with a new joint release, ‘Apex Union’, featuring remixes from B E N N, DJ Animebby, DJ Würm and jondu. The project will be released with France’s Club Late Music (CLM) and Taiwan’s Over My Body (OMB), available on streaming and vinyl starting February 7.

The release marks the start of CLM’s new collab series, SPLIT, where the label joins forces with an artist on another label to create a joint EP.

Over the past few years, Bungalovv and Lujiachi have individually affirmed their unique but effortlessly complimentary sonic palettes. On ‘Apex Union’, they’re both at their strongest, with mind-bending sounds consistently hitting you across four originals.

Just as stellar are the remixes by B E N N and jondu from OMB's end, plus DJ Würm and Dj Animebby from the Global URL Nation (GUN) community; all equally as menacing, extracting the essence of the originals and injecting them with a dash of raw ingenuity.

Lujiachi’s ‘Segmented Dream’ hits you right out of the gate with a serene soundscape before pummeling listeners with abrasive percussion and piercing noises, which build consistently throughout. It culminates in a slap-in-the-face of raw aggression before leading into Bungalovv’s ‘Xylem’, a less abrasive yet equally sinister offering.

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Mixmag Asia caught up with OMB founder B E N N who mentions “This album stands out by attempting a unique connection between the great works of both artists, with the title 'Apex Union' symbolising an unprecedented collaboration between CLM and GUN. Visually, the central theme revolves around elements of neurons, reflecting the experimental nature of the music. The album delves into uncharted territory, exploring the creative alliance between CLM and OMB in this innovative musical endeavour.”

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Lujiachi, also speaking to Mixmag Asia, shares “It's been an incredible experience — working with the label and the producer I've always admired has been a dream come true. The entire collaboration has brought together a diverse range of talents, and the outcome is beyond my expectations. I'm especially happy to collaborate with one my favourite producers, Bungalovv, whom I've always admired since I first heard his music.”

Pre-order ‘Apex Union’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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