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Through love & edits, Brendon P & Joshua P shaped Singapore's club history

2 of Singapore's DJ stalwarts come together for Mixmag Asia Radio

  • Charles Budd
  • 13 January 2021
Through love & edits, Brendon P & Joshua P shaped Singapore's club history

We couldn’t think of a better way to reel in positive vibes for this year than to turn to 2 of Asia’s most definitive DJs to come together for a joint mix that’s fuelled by their eclectic and deep knowledge of dance music. Together and apart, they are cornerstone institutions of Singapore’s club culture.

Brendon P and Joshua P are undoubtedly revered for their commitment to upholding the fundamentals of club culture in the region — despite their individual accomplishments, they both comfortably embrace their abilities as a duo with stalwart-like presence. But together or apart, Joshua and Brendon have etched themselves into plenty of staggered memories of Singapore’s clubbing history.

From running house parties at the age of 15 to archiving and journaling his incessant thirst for music knowledge, Brendon took it on himself to travel the world to further his quest, and working for Singapore Airlines as an air steward for a few years was probably the cause behind his mighty vinyl collection. His fascination with Paradise Garage, Funhouse, Dancetaria and Better Days led him to New York in 1984 and a lifetime commitment to house music was set in stone from thereon. But a seasoned career usually entails a few unwanted turns, and Brendon’s saw his go through a period of what he describes as “putrifyingly commercial with all that Stock, Aitken and Waterman pop stuff (and I felt that house was the new dance music phenomenon that our clubs, sadly, weren’t tapping into yet)”, he sadly also lost hearing in his right ear. But that close to career-breaking moment in 1997 wasn’t going to stop him, Brendon adds, “as crestfallen as I was, because it was my main headphone ear, I pressed on and eventually overcame my disability.”

Like Brendon, Joshua is innately influenced by house music roots. Although he entered the world of DJing a few years later in 1999, he embraces the variety that make up the fundamentals of house — “My music taste is varied," says Joshua, “as I grew up in a household with three brothers and all of them had different tastes in music. That really educated me in my music knowledge! My eldest brother got me into DJing and by the time I started, I had a quite wide taste of music from hip hop, house, rock and disco.” That versatility really led him to hone his unique technical abilities — playing across genres really pushed him to define his sets with energetic and creative mixing skills.

Aside from admiring their truly humble and professional forms, if there’s one thing other DJs in Asia really turn to Brendon and Joshua for, it’s their edits. What would you expect from a couple of house-heads who have spent the larger part of their lives shaping Singapore’s nightlife? You can check out Brendon’s edits here and Joshua’s here.

Despite an almost year-long lockdown in their home city (and for most of Asia), if you ask them what’s shaking in Singapore today, they only have positive things to say about who and what is keeping the city and the region rhythmically moving. Brendon breaks it down for us, “there’s Kaye — I’ve always loved his kitschy approach to his productions and remixes. And I’ve always enjoyed Daryl C’s approach to DJing. There’s also Joshua P, but you all know him. I guess I’m a sucker for my homeboys, especially if they’re really good.” For Joshua, “without a doubt for me, Brendon P comes to mind first. I’m digging Ramesh K and KFC from Singapore. I love Ivan Sit from Hong Kong and Kaleeekarma from India — she’s been catching my attention! Todh Teri from India is a dope producer, he’s been really doing some good stuff with his made in India vinyl series. And I can’t forget Xes Xes Loveseat from Malaysia.”

Further raising the positive vibe bar, Brendon and Joshua have been appointed to curate the music for the latest addition to Singapore's bar scene, Rails. Although initially set to open as a night club in lieu of now-closed Kilo Lounge, (due to new COVID-19 regulations) the steampunk-themed venue by A Phat Cat Collective is set open within the next few weeks, and will serve as a bar that prides itself on an unparalleled selection of house and disco.

Speaking about the mix, Joshua told Mixmag Asia, "I went with a nice happy vibe, I think Brendon started off nice and deep which allowed me to end off with a 'happy camper' vibe for the dance floor."

We couldn’t be more fortunate to have both these stalwarts share their favourite digs of the moment with us for this week’s Mixmag Asia Radio show.

Tune in below to Mixmag Asia Radio 047 with Singapore’s Brendon P and Joshua P.


Brendon P

Fred Everything & Robert Owens - Ill Take You In (Atjazz Remix)
Futuro Pelo - Nefertiti (Red Axes Remix)
Igor Gonya - King Kong
Prince - 17 Days (Obas Nenor Remix)
Jimpster & Matt Masters - Dub Come Down
JKriv & Dicky Trisco - Mae Do Mar

Joshua P

Lovebirds – Piaui (lovebirds edit)
AC Soul Symphony – Manhattsn Skyline (JN Spirit of 77 extended mix)
Honey Dijon – Stars(Feat Sam Sparro)(disco Version)
Sandile – MJ Flip
Atjazz feat. Dominique Fils-Aime – See Line Woman(extended mix)

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