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New techno label Aum Recordings set to release ‘VIBRATION EP’

The 6-track EP features remixes from Japan’s DJ Nobu & Takaaki Itoh plus Brazil’s Marcal

  • Amira Waworuntu
  • 5 September 2022
New techno label Aum Recordings set to release ‘VIBRATION EP’

Osaka, Japan welcomes a new home for techno producers and pundits with the recently established Aum Recordings label. Along with its inception, the label has decided to release ‘VIBRATION EP’, showcasing the sounds of a number of DJs who have established themselves in the scene.

Aum Recordings aims to highlight the elements of minimal, hypnotic, deep, psychedelic and left-field in the realm of techno. Featured in this first-ever EP from the label are several original mixes and reworks from DJ HI-C, DJ Nobu, TENO, Takaaki Itoh, Toru Ikemoto and Marcal (Brazil).

Here’s the full track list:
1. DJ HI-C - DUNE (Original Mix)
2. DJ HI-C - DUNE (DJ Nobu Remix)
3. TENO - Shunlan (Original Mix)
4. TENO - Shunlan (Takaaki Itoh Remix)
5. Toru Ikemoto - %86 (Original Mix)
6. Toru Ikemoto - %86 (Marcal Remix)

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DJ HI-C is one of the names behind Japan’s ‘MOMENT’ event that gathers electronic music enthusiasts from all over the globe to party among the towering trees of the Nara Prefecture. His track ‘DUNE’ kickstarts the EP with warbling synths that mesh together with an array of drum rhythms.

With decades of experience and an ever-evolving sound, DJ Nobu adds a cosmic composition of melodic synths to DJ HI-C’s original track, bringing forth a psychedelic feel while keeping its uptempo vibe.

TENO’s wide range of musicality has allowed him to provide scoring on stage at World Art Dubai. He’s also the figure behind Osaka’s renowned ‘Harmonie’ techno parties. For this particular EP, he goes the more minimal route with ‘Shunlan’, highlighting his expertise in arranging constant beats and modest melodies. Takaaki Itoh then works his magic into the remix, amplifying the intensity with darker-sounding tones.

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Toru Ikemoto is dubbed as one of Japan’s leading techno producers, having released songs via top global labels such as BCCO and NECHTO Records. Now a member of Aum Recordings, he contributes the fast-paced beats and atonal sounds of ‘%86’ to the label’s first EP. Marcal’s remix closes ‘VIBRATION EP’ with his take on Ikemoto’s track that eases away from the bass just the slightest with hi-hat chicks and spellbinding background resonances.

‘VIBRATION EP’ is set for a September 23 release, but you can hear snippets of the tracks here and pre-order the digital format here.

Amira Waworuntu is Mixmag Asia’s Editorial Assistant, follow her on Instagram.

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