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Post-punk & electronica band N.Y.P.D enlist 9 remixes for cassette tape release

Mr. Ho, The Magus Project, XSGACHA & Alexmalism offer dance floor-friendly versions

  • Arun Ramanathan
  • 28 January 2022
Post-punk & electronica band N.Y.P.D enlist 9 remixes for cassette tape release

Coming from the manic energy from the city’s post-punk scene, Hong Kong local band N.Y.P.D marked their stage presence during the heady rave days provided by XXX Gallery from more than five years ago.

It was only by 2020 that Asia-centric label under the Yeti Out culture umbrella, Silk Road Sounds, when we saw electronica, post-punk and psychedelia band N.Y.P.D. debut their first single, which was soon followed by a full-length album.

The album, ‘N.Y.P.D.南洋派對’ led them to breaking a new milestone for N.Y.P.D and Silk Road, who also manage the band — on December 10, 2021, the five-man band performed to a sold out hall at Hong Kong’s KITEC space.

In addition to the show garnering plenty of attention from local promoters and artists alike, label co-founder Arthur Bray was also inspired by the level of detail and attention it took to make the show happen — it was one of Yeti Out’s best milestone events to date, according to Bray.

Bray shared with us, “With the unpredictability of clubs opening and closing, last year, we turned our focus onto the label and have been excited to put out a string of releases, followed by this first tape release of 2022, which features remixes from some of Hong Kong's most exciting electronic and experimental producers. This comes as a follow up to N.Y.P.D南洋派對's sold out show at KITEC which we were fortunate enough to pull off just before the government announced another lockdown and curfew. Keeping on, keeping on.”

On the remix line up, you will hear fresh takes from Mr. Ho (Klasse Wrecks), XSGACHA (小本生燈), Alexmalism, Teya Logos (from Manila), Kelvin T, DJ Ditto, Olivier Cong (Rave & The Sea), Nerve (Absurd Trax / HKCR Resident), Kim A (From Parallel Space Gallery), Canvas (Wildstyle Records), The Magus Project (James of Blood Wine or Honey).

N.Y.(rmx)P.D. is out now on Silk Road Sounds. Have a listen below, or grab your Cassette Tape copy and merch here.