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​Hong Kong duo QQBBG & Kelvin T release an album that “runs between heaven & hell”

AI-CORE is out now on Shanghai-based label Genome 6.66 Mbp

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 2 November 2021
​Hong Kong duo QQBBG & Kelvin T release an album that “runs between heaven & hell”

Somewhere early on in the pandemic, our feed turned pastel pink as Hong Kong-based artist QQBBG plastered her hentai fantasies all over the Internet and paired them with uptempo club tunes on an EP called Magic Legacy that was released by London-based label and collective Eastern Margins. The release was well-received and its imagery, a direct nod to Japanese Idol culture that paired QQBBG’s E-Girl aesthetic with cute intonations and anime catchphrases, even more so. We've been fascinated ever since. So is the rest of the Internet.

Naturally we were thrilled when QQBBG filled our feeds again this month, this time unleashing auditory violence and breathlessness so sweet it could kill you with the release of a music video for ‘QQDBT’ which features Laujan and Jason of David Boring.

The track was the first single from her forthcoming album AI-CORE that she released together with Kelvin T on Shanghai-based label Genome 6.66 Mbp and “runs between heaven and hell, with different musical styles forming an unexpected ‘trip’.”

The album features eight original tracks that show how “QQBBG subverts what love is about” including two club-ready remixes from Philadelphia-based producer and DJ Estoc and Shanghai-based artist Osheyack. The other six numbers also host a slew of collaborations with Hong Kong-based producers ASJ and Alexmalism, Laujan and Jason Cheung from Hong Kong-based band David Boring and Shanghai-based vocalist Billionhappy.

All together, AI-CORE explores new attempts at music genres and is sprinkled with hardcore, breakcore and industrial sounds all the way through to Chinese pop-influenced melodies and QQBBG’s signature kawaii pop all delivered with an underlying electronic palette.

"This album recorded my most important emotions and memories," she said of the release on social media. "The game is just started, let’s see how far it can go.”


1. Hate Me I’m Dead (ft. Alexmalism & ASJ)
2. No.1 BFF
3. QQDBT (ft. Laujan & Jason Cheung of David Boring)
4. Say No
5. Ai Core
6. Darling Pink
7. Breakfast (ft. Billionhappy)
8. No.1 Sweetheart
9. Ai Core (Estoc Remix
10. No.1 Sweetheart (Osheyack Remix)

AI-CORE was released on October 29 on major streaming platforms via Genome 6.66 Mbp. Buy it here.

[images via Arman Dzidzovic]

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