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Gentle Tuesday Recordings debuts with Rebecca Theodora's 'Malaise'

The track comes paired with a stomper of a remix by A Fine Tuning Creation

  • Words: Henry Cooper | Image: Moses Sihombing
  • 22 March 2024
Gentle Tuesday Recordings debuts with Rebecca Theodora's 'Malaise'

Gentle Tuesday has transitioned from a Jakarta-based event series into a label, with their debut release being Rebecca Theodora’s ‘Malaise’, which has been masterfully remixed by A Fine Tuning Creation aka Aryo Adhianto.

Gentle Tuesday launched back in 2017 with their electric events at UP! (now known as Slits, before relocating) with a heavier focus on leftfield electronica whilst combining real instrumentation into live performances.

We spoke with Baldi Calvianca, Benedict Pardede and Moses Sihombing, the brains behind Gentle Tuesday, about the transition from a club night to a record label: “Both Baldi Calvianca and Benedict Pardede are musicians/music producers and were asked to do a remix for Santamonica from Sinjitos Records, and that is where the thoughts of producing for others and making our own label arose.”

“It was probably around when the pandemic hit, and the opportunity to produce for Rebecca Theodora came about, that we decided to release it ourselves as an extension of what we want to do,” they add.

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The two versions of 'Malaise' are great in their own right. Rebecca Theodora's original is a dreamy, atmospheric ballad with ethereal vocals harmonised by luscious synths. The track is mellow and soothing, perfect for rainy days.

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That being said, the remix is a little more our speed, and A Fine Tuning Creation brought a different wave of energy and spice to the track.

The vocals are still front-and-centre, but the electro production combined with the piano that’s brought pairs so effortlessly in the 90s atmosphere that's achieved. It’s ambitious in its production choices and is a weirdly wonderful remix.

Listen to Rebecca Theodora ‘Malaise (A Fine Tuning Creation Remix)’ here.

Henry Cooper is a Writer at Mixmag Asia. Follow him on Instagram.

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