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​‘Flavours of the East’ continues with a 3rd compilation ‘Thandai’ by Krunk Kulture

The Mumbai-based label has unleashed a new wave of cultural perspective

  • Charles Budd
  • 19 January 2021
​‘Flavours of the East’ continues with a 3rd compilation ‘Thandai’ by Krunk Kulture

Stemming from its original form as Krunk as an agency-style platform for Indian rooted artists since 2009, Krunk Kulture as a label launched last August has quickly unleashed a cultural wave of fresh perspectives that dovetail tradition and future.

Their latest compilation in their Flavours of the East series is titled ‘Thandai’, and features a global array of electronic artists who dabble in a foray of futuristic styles including lo-fi, jazz, future bass, lo-fi house and downtempo.

‘Thandai’ is a cold traditional drink from India made of saffron, spices, seeds, dry fruits, sugar and milk, and is often associated with the vibrant festival of colour, Holi. The drink is refreshing and cooling, just like the 18-track compilation that comes out on 22 January.

Since releasing their first compilation ‘Ganga Jamun’, we’ve been glued to the updates from Krunk Kulture simply because of their commitment to steering away from the expected, and delivering outstanding goods by deserving artists. Our stand out tracks from ‘Thandai’ include the blissful house groover ‘Ustad’ by Baalti, and the flute-sampled and bass-clad morèno’ rubberband’ on the downtempo tip.

‘Thandai - Flavours of the East’ drops this Friday, 22 January on Krunk Kulture exclusively on Bandcamp, and on all other major platforms on 26 January. You can pre-order here now.

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