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Meet Krunk Kulture, Mumbai’s newest record label from the future with roots in the past

Courtesy of the events and booking agency by the same name

  • Olivia Wycech
  • 31 August 2020
Meet Krunk Kulture, Mumbai’s newest record label from the future with roots in the past

Krunk, a familiar name on the circuit since it’s one of India's longest-running booking and events agencies. And now, it’s a record label (from the future) too.

The agency has been in operations since 2009 and is the go-to in India for local and international electronic and live acts like Loefah, Squarepusher and Romare. They handle the bookings at parties and festivals around the country, and now they’re putting their 10+ years of experience into curating their own sound.

The new label is called Krunk Kulture and is launching with a 15-track compilation called ‘Kaala Khatta—Flavours Of The East’. The compilation features cutting edge electronic music producers from India and guests from countries like Nepal, Japan and the US.

While the album promises roots in tradition, it also fuses elements of modern sounds that are popular around the region like house, techno, breaks, electro and leftfield.

“FLAVOURS OF THE EAST is a tribute to the integral ingredients that continue to shape the identity and perspectives of our collective homeland,” says the label. “This is an investigation into the memories and markers of a culture that is bursting at the seams with what it has to say.”

Kaala Khatta translates into “black sour” which indicates the colour and taste of the iconic Indian flavour and is often added to ‘gola’, an Indian snow-cone. The taste is a blend of jamun (java plum) and lemons, and is emblazoned into the memories of anyone who’s ever been to the region — much like its music.

Listen to it below:


01. adL x kly - Vivid Drmz
02. Shantam - Grurch
03. Kini Rao - Rainbow Runner feat. Leena
04. Moebius - Neelam
05. Nikki Nair - Eating Flowers
06. Kris Correya - Broken Drive
07. SUCHI - Took A Minute
08. Rafiki - Funny Bone
09. YNZN.P - Coax
10. Don Jiro - Free Flow
11. Daisuke Tanabe - Tablasuke
12. Film - Locked
13. Oceantied - Shadows
14. Zokhuma - Casper's Ghost
15. OX7GEN - Blitzz

Kaala Khatta was released August 26, 2020 on Krunk Kulture. Buy it on Bandcamp here.

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