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Duumu & MYRNE team up for ‘All For Nothing’ single release

Out today, it’s a return to the Monstercat label for MYRNE

  • Zita Chan
  • 31 January 2020
Duumu & MYRNE team up for ‘All For Nothing’ single release

Both MYRNE and Duumu live in Singapore and have written together frequently - but today marks their first ever official collab. ‘All For Nothing’ is MYRNE's first track on the Monstercat label in a year and a half and also a turning point musically, and the first time these two are releasing a new track together. The song finds some of the glitchy electronic elements found in Duumu’s productions, mixed seamlessly with MYRNE’s more subdued sound – featuring his husky vocal on the beautiful, sentimental topline.

Duumu said: ‘Over the past two or so years, MYRNE and I have been making music together in some capacity, but of all the tracks we’ve written together, ‘All For Nothing’ is the one that we both love the most. As the two of us have had somewhat of a change in our mindset, a creative epiphany, our directions have changed.’ All For Nothing’ is a track that embodies what both of us aim to do in the future of our respective projects, blending elements of all kinds of music that we love and returning to our roots in electronic music, house.’

MYRNE is a singapore-based DJ whose debut full length ‘In Search of Solitude’ weaved dance-electronica instrumentals with stadium-size vocal performances, receiving glowing reviews by Mixmag and others. It logged over a million streams in its first week, and he hasn’t stopped yet.

Duumu, is a French artist who first grabbed attention in 2016 with his first EP ‘Illuminate’ on Monstercat. At just 20 years of age, Duumu is at the forefront of a new breed of dance music producers creating energetic song-based electro-pop.

Listen it here: