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Daft Punk release special edition ‘Random Access Memories’ for 10th anniversary

It features 35 minutes of unreleased music

  • Gemma Ross
  • 18 May 2023
Daft Punk release special edition ‘Random Access Memories’ for 10th anniversary

Daft Punk have released a special anniversary edition of ‘Random Access Memories’ after ten years, the duo’s fourth and final studio record.

The tenth-anniversary edition record features 35 minutes of previously unheard and unreleased music across nine tracks, including recordings taken during studio sessions as the album was being made.

The expanded edition looks back at the five-time GRAMMY Award-winning and two-time Platinum album with a fresh rework and a collection of unearthed snippets.

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‘Infinity Repeating (2013 Demo)’ - dubbed the ‘last ever Daft Punk song’ - features on the record featuring long-term collaborator Julian Casablancas. The track during studio sessions for ‘Random Access Memories’ between Los Angeles and New York.

“[It’s] a little stranger and more jazz modern chord-wise than the others on the record,” says Casablancas. “It just cycles up like a pattern - it’s a four half-step cycle moving up on repeat.”

He added: “I wanted Stevie Wonder to sing it. Somehow has island summer vibes too... it's lovely and bizarre. Like a human. And like a human, obsessed with infinity and constantly making the same mistakes and movements.”

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The never-before-heard track was premiered for the first time at Paris’ Pompidou Centre last week, May 11.

The tenth anniversary edition of ‘Random Access Memories’ landed on Friday, May 12, just five days before the record’s ten-year anniversary. The album is available as a triple LP, double CD, and digitally. Find out more about it here, and check out the tracklist below.


Give Life Back to Music
The Game of Love
Giorgio by Moroder
Instant Crush
Lose Yourself To Dance
Get Lucky
Fragments of Time
Doin’ It right
Horizon Ouverture
Horizon (Japan CD)
GLBTM (Studio Outtakes)
Infinity Repeating (2013 Demo)
GL (Early Take)
Prime (2012 Unfinished)
LYTD (Vocoder Tests)
The Writing of Fragments Of Time
Touch (2021 Epilogue)

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