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‘BEAUZWORLD, Vol. 1’ is the first album to be rendered by THX Spatial Audio

From festivals on Minecraft to a THX experience-album, what’s next BEAUZ?

  • Waiying Ho
  • 28 July 2020
‘BEAUZWORLD, Vol. 1’ is the first album to be rendered by THX Spatial Audio

We’ve previously mentioned BEAUZ and their ground-breaking philiosphy to consistently achieve new milestones and create things that have never been done before. From pioneering the psy-pop sound to curating line-ups for the Blockeley festival that was held on the Minecraft platform for UC Berkeley in the United States.

Their latest accomplishment stems from the studio, as they release the world's first-ever digital audio album rendered with THX Ltd’s signature Spatial Audio. The point of doing this? An enhanced listening experience, of course. The Spatial Audio technology applied to their track delivers a real-time simulation of how the audio would sound if the listener was a live show listening to the DJ drop the tune. It’s a heightened experience that none of us were able to have for most of 2020, but is now available for the first time. THX was originally set up in 1983 by George Lucas, and the company has since reigned over cinematic audio technology, whether it be in theatres, cars, homes or in professional studios.

Speaking about the EP, BEAUZ said, “Through our music and our platforms, we are building the real BEAUZ WORLD - an inclusive, diversified community that is able to propel us forward with acceptance, innovation and affection by breathing "life" into our music, we allow our fans to engage with their feelings in real time, bringing the real-life clubbing sonic experience via the comfort of your headphones.”

BEAUZ ‘BEAUZWORLD, Vol.1’ is out now and you can listen below.

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